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Released by Thomas Caggiano to expose Tyranny of Government, provide suggested changes in laws and
provide a 10 year CASE STUDY of evidence for analysis by others to improve ethics, reduce fraud, criminal complicity and pandemic Government corruption

Latest Update - May 1, 2011

Judicial Notice: Referenced Exhibits stated herein are adopted as part of this published VERIFIED CERTIFIED AFFIDAVIT
which per Rules of Evidence may be used as evidence in courts

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May 1, 2011Report to FBI, NJ
by fax

Copy of a 27 page fax to the Federal Department of Justice's FBI in New Jersey to include letters to the Supreme Court's Office of Attorney Ethics Investigator Harry Nolan, Jr. Esq. of his investigation status against corrupt municipal attorneys for the Sussex County Borough of Stanhope Laddey, Clark and Ryan's LLC corrupt lawyer Richard A. Stein, Esq. and William E. Hinkes, Esq. who conspired with the corrupt Joint Municipal Court Judge Craig U. Dana, J.M.C. and other corrupt Superior Court and Municipal Judges as they were protected and part of a criminal conspiracy with the State of New Jersey Attorney General Paula Dow, Esq., the Supreme Court's Chief Justice Stuart Rabner, OAC and Supreme Court's Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct as 200 persons have been recommended for criminal investigation by the highest levels for the Federal Govt being the CIGIE criminal investigator, the Department of Treasury's TIGTA, the Office of Personnel Management Federal Investigation Service and the U.S.P.S. Inspector General and its criminal investigation unit in Chicago, IL for mail fraud, conspiracy and harassment.
Web site
index file .pdf file
A 27 page print-out of the introductory Jan 7, 2011 index.htm file, 12.5 megs. Other file access for other prior links are on
Jan 1, 2011Web site
A 61 page report of web site released to FBI, U.S.P.S. Inspection Service, Internal Revenue Service, Superior Court Appellate Division under State of New Jersey v. Thomas Caggiano A-001721-10 to dismiss with prejudice against the State of New Jersey all cases before the felon Superior Court Judge Conforti, J.S.C. under municipal appeals 13-4-08 and 19-05-09 for which all the fines were already returned on Sep 10, 2009 per his court decision and all Criminal charges filed against me were DISMISSED With Prejudice against the State of New Jersey on May 11, 2010.

The report was sent to the Office of Gov, State of New Jersey Attorney General, Newspapers and Representatives and others against the Sussex County Superior Court Judge N. Peter Conforti, J.S.C. and his cover-up for years with the corrupt Commissioner of Health and Commissioner Jennifier Velez, Esq., her corrupt CEO of Anne Klein Forensic Center Mr. Main, and corrupt psychartrists Dr. Christine Joseph, Phd and Dr. Peter Paul, and many others to defame me, have conflicting reports, and refuse to release over 400 pages of documents the corrupt Commissioner Velez, Esq. has per its OPRA HQ custodian to prevent the detection and their apprehension in conspiracy with Judge Conforti, J.S.C., Judge Bozonelis, A.J.S.C. and Judge Dana, J.S.C. by fraud, terrorism, illegal release and obtaining of my own voluntary reports to defend myself in a court required hearing as I demanded per court rules to confront the corrupt Dr. but Judge Conforti, J.S.C. on the court records of the Dismissed indictment against the State of New Jersey v. Thomas Caggiano even refused to allow me to bring in my own Dr. to challenge the false report by Dr. Peter Paul who was controlled by records provided me by the excellent OPRA custodian from Anne Klien. The Probation Office was corrupt in the Sussex County Superior Court as well as the Vicinage Probation Officer Jon Bell, Deputy Vicinage Probation officer for Sussex County M. Lasko, the Vicinage Trial Administrator M. Arnold, the Ombudswoman as the court is infested with conspiracy, complicity, collorabtion to destroy and attack the witness of their corruption as in the Novel Enemy of the People, corruption is the main operational methods of the State of New Jersey and its courts protected by the State of New Jersey's Supreme Court's corrupt Advisory Committee on Judical Conduct that per its rules has Absolute immunity and operates in absolute secrecy as they are the protectors of those in Blacken Robes not of equal justice but manifest injustice of rampaging criminal confederation and agreement called: A structured enterprise of racketeering.

Nov 7, 2010Motions to the corrupt Sussex County Superior Court Judge Conforti, J.S.C.
A 36 page motion to dismiss the corrupt Joint Municipal Court of Green, Fredon, Hampton and Borough of Andover's Judge Craig Dana, J.M.C. petty order convictions under municipal appeals 13-4-08 and 19-5-09
All fines were vacated Sep 10, 2009 and determinate that Judge Craig U. Dana, J.M.C. and his municipal prosecutor violated court rules by his sentencing and resentencing me and held me captive in Jail for 85 days of his changing 95 day sentence as I was illegally imprisoned to prevent me from filing criminal charges in the Township of Green's court which my wife and I both filed indictable criminal charges against the Judge, Municipal Prosecutor William Hinkes, Esq., corrupt Mayor Diana Kuncken and Borough of Stanhope Laddey, Clark and Ryan LLC's Borough Attorney Richard A. Stein, Esq. who has committed perjury dozens of times but was protected by the Sussex county Prosecutor David Weaver, Esq. who was William Hinkes prior law partner in Newton, New Jersey the county seat of corruption in Sussex County with infested county and municipalities, judges and lawyers infestation of global range.
Oct 16, 2010Press Release: False report issued by newspaper based upon malicious report by Department of Community Affairs
A false news release published in the Cross Star based upon deceptive release by the corrupt Department of Community Affairs Communication Department. The DCA was contacted and NO corrective announcement was made by the corrupt State of New Jersey's executive branch or newspaper. The report was used to attack the Open Public Record Act and contains false analysis by the Township of Wall's Borough Attorney to protect the Township from its citizen's request for government records.
Aug 24, 2010Published CAG Report
A 106 page report filed with Affidavits of Probable Cause as Adopted Exhibit to the R. 7-2.1(a) prepared complaint signed under oath before the excellent court administrator Ann Sheridan in Morris County's corrupt Borough of Netcong nor was the excellent deputy court administrator Tania Ell in corrupt Sussex County's Town of Newton municipal court as NO probable cause hearing was ever made by any Municipal Judge nor was a Summons or Warrant CDR-1 or CDR-2 allowed to be entered into the Judicial Records per R 7-2:2(a)(1)Issuance of Arrest Warrant or Summons and (d) Additional Arrest Warrants and Summons. the corrupt Vicinage Superior Court Judge Thomas Manahan, J.S.C. based upon his own court order, without any docket, and without any notice to my wife Kathryn Caggiano or myself but was sent by the corrupt Judge to every municipal court in Morris County and Sussex County to prevent the detection and apprehensiosn of dozens of corrupt State, County and municipal officials. law firms, and judges which was filed in the Open Court Records in the corrupt Morristwon Superior Court Judge Philip Maenza,J.S.C., the corrupt Morristown Vicinage Presiding Judge Zinna, P.J.M.C., the corrupt Newton's Sussex County municipal judge John Mulhern, J.M.C. and the corrupt Morris County Netcong municipal judge Parazzo, J.M.C. and the corrupt Department of Community Affairs Commissioner Lori Grifa, Esq. and its corrupt Local Government Services Local Finance Board. Vicinage 10 comprises Morris County and Sussex County in northern New Jersey and is controlled by the corrupt Superior Court Assignment Judge B. Theordore Bozonelis, A.J.S.C. as his corruption is evident on the court transcript record available via the Open Public Record Act from the corrupt Sussex County Prosecutor David Weaver, 19-21 High St, Newton, N.J. 07860 by requesting a copy of the transcript record under the Dimissed Criminal Indictment with Prejudice against the State of New Jersey v. Thomas Caggiano, on May 11, 2010 for the transcript record before Judge Bozonelis under Docket SSX-L-847-07 or you can ask for a copy of the court record by sending a request to the corrupt Assignment Judge Bozonelis, P.O. Box 910, Morristown, N.J. or from the corrupt Sussex County Superior Court Judge N. Peter Conforti, J.S.C. by contacting his excellent Sussex County Superior Court clerk Kay Mack, 973-579-0633, 34-47 High St., Newton, N.J. 07860.
Aug 10, 2007 Office of N.J. Gov Data Base sent to the Office of New Jersey's string of corrupt Attorney Generals and the corrupt Department of Law and Public Safety
A response from the Special Council to my OPRA request of records in the Office of Governor of New Jersey sent to his corrupt Office of Attorney General as many reports were sent to U.S. Attorney Chris Christie and the new U.S. Attorney for N.J. Paul Fishman as soon as he was nominated by President Obama as the corruption accelerates as tyranny of Government is exposed in hundreds of court records in the U.S. Attorney Eric Holder's Office, the U.S. Attorney's Offices in New Jersey, Chicago, IL, Philadephia, Pa and Las Vegas, Nv including the Executive Office of U.S. Attorney's, and in Federal District Court of Eastern District, Pa under three miscellous Dockets No. 09-mc-03, 09-mc-09.and 09-mc-71
Jul 25, 2007 Transcript of corrupt Department of Community Affairs' Government Record Council public meeting
Thanks to the former excellent GRC lawyer Vince Maltese, Esq. he brought in a court reporter to document the corruption of the GRC on its own web site and recused himself or simply left the room when I made my comments in an Open Public Discussion period per OPRA. The transcript record proves the knowledge of the corrupt GRC chairwoman and the corrupt lawyers being the executive director Catherine Starghill, the In-house lawyer Karyn Gordon and the Office of Attorney General's corrupt Division of Law's Deputy Attorney General for the GRC Debra Allen, Esq. since then the GRC has NOT had a single complaint heard before its panel as the corrupt GRC as shown on its own web site under complaintant thomas caggiano has resorted to libel and defamation of my character on a constant basis with its fact findings stating "NO Analysis" and NOT requiring any Statement of Information from the corrupt Borough of Stanhope or allowing any confrontation of any affiant or any witness to continue is cover-up and kidnapped and assaulted me from attending its Open Public Meetings at its designated location even with my complaints on the agenda. The GRC has for years NOT complied with the Open Public Meetings Act by NOT sending me copies of agenda in advance and the Mercer County Prosecutor does NOT perform his official duties by proceeding to Superior Court to enforce the penalities under the OPMA against the GRC as the GRC is protected and instead of being the office created for TRANSPARENT Government is corrupt with the exception of Sr. Case Manager Frank Caruso and former Sr. Case Manager Dara Lownie.
May 8, 2006Petition signed by 15 property owners to stop the illegal construction on properties in Stanhope
This letter filed over four ago, provides an extensive listing of those that had vast amount of evidence of pandemic corruption as Federal Senator Lautenberg and Congressman Frelinghausen requested criminal investigations by U.S. Attorney Chris Christie's office, and State Senate President Codey requested a criminal investigation by the Office of Attorney General of N.J. Office of Government Integrity, and District 24 State Senator Littell, Assemblyman Mc Hose, Assemblyman Gregg requested criminal investigations directly to the State of New Jersey Attorney General and Mary Pawar, Thomas Caggiano and Kathryn Caggiano requested an investigation by the Director of the Office of Attorney General's Department of Law and Public Safety. Others have requested investigations such as former Commissioner of the State of New Jersey's Department of Environmental Commissioner Lisa Jackson, the Department of Education's auditor, the former Director of the Office of Attorney General's Department of Consumer Affairs Kim Ricketts, the former Borough of Stanhope's outstanding municipal clerk Robin Kline who was tormented as she reported the crimes to 10 agencies for 1.5 years, the Sussex County Administrator John H. Eskilson, 973-702-0250, the former Office of Gov Jon Corzine's staff member Ian Brennan who was fired, and the Borough of Stanhope's Town Administrator Richard Stewart who reported the criminal conduct to the FBI and State Police Offficial Corruption Bureau and was fired illegally in secret on Dec 2, 2010 from his $109,000 position illegally by the Mayor Diana Kuncken and Governing Body members in retribution and to prevent their racketeering enterprise from being apprehended as its been protected by dozens of federal, state, county and municipal government agencies and Judges.
Feb 2, 2006 Formal Complaint to the corrupt Office of Attorney General's Department of Consumer Affairs' Board of Engineers against John Cilo Jr. Complaint 05-13
A letter to the corrupt Board of Engineers and the U.S. Attorney Chris Christie's office providing ninety exhibits which any person in the public can obtain by contacting the OPRA custodian for the Department of Consumer Affairs. John Cilo Jr. of John Cilo Jr. Assoicates was stated fraudulantly to public for apparently decades that he was awarded sole source contracts without any competiton as well as his employee the Town Planner Scarlett Doyle as the Borough sent false statements to the press, to enforcement agencies that John Cilo Jr. was their municipal engineer but in fact he had NO contract per the Local Public Contracts Law, signed perjuried Annual Financial Reports to the Department of Community Affairs Local Government Services Department and its Local Finance Board which is the "Ethics Board" for the State against county and municipal officials as Sussex County does NOT have any ethics or ethics board nor does any municipality in Sussex County and the State Ethics Commission has been informed for years of the perjury, bribery but per these Ethics Boards there are NO Ethics violations.
Jul 26, 2002 Initial Petition by 14 Property owners
All property owners surrounding the illegal developed on the Minor Sub-division on 2 and 6 Oak Drive, by E.N.F. Development Co. LLC petitioned the corrupt Mayor Brian Mc Neilly of the Borough of Stanhope as he is now the Sussex County Deputy Clerk in Newton, the former corrupt Town Council President Diana Kuncken, who lives on 8 Valley Road and surrounded by her neighbors that complained to her in person in the Town Council meetings to comply with laws as she has engaged in a COVER-UP of perjury, fraud, trickery, complicity and conspircy, obstruction of justice, bribery, false reports to authorities, criminal disbursements for eight years with now over 150 other felons protecting their criminal society of pandemic corruption and crimnal abuse of the courts with kidnapping, assualt, terroris, illegal imprisonment and criminal coercion as Standing Operating Prosedure.

The data contained within the above documents are based upon personal knowledge, Federal District of Eastern Pa, State of New Jersey Superior and Municipal court records, testimony under oath by parties, verified certified affidavits, witnessed dated photographs and are therefore usable as evidence in courts per the Rules of Evidence

Verified Affidavit Certification and Adoption of Reference Documents as Exhibits noted above: I, Thomas Caggiano, certify the foregoing statements ( contained in the above referenced documents) made by me are true. I am aware that if any of the foregoing statements made by me ( or in the adopted above published material adopted as referenced material above and in the filed web site and its sub-directories and files ) are willfully false that I am subject to punishment.

- Signed electronically Thomas Caggiano, Jan 1, 2011
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