The Federal Newark's U.S. Attorney's Office, N. J. State's Government and Stanhope's Corruption Exposed

On Aug 30, 2006, New Jersey State's Department of Community Affairs's Government Record Council whose members are Governor's Appointees filed a 480 page case against the Borough of Stanhope for willfull violation of State Law eighteen (18) times as Richard Stein its Borough Attorney lied repeatedly in a Sep 7, 2006 telephone discussion to ALJ Judge James Geraghty and myself. Governor Corzine's POC Ian Brennan requested the Department of Community Affairs (Department of Local Government) months ago to investigate the Borough of Stanhope and they have not. The "so called" executive branch's ALJ refused to review this web site, refused to put us under oath, refused to contact other witnesses I identified, and he found in the beginning of the telephone discussion that Stanhope's banning me from Stanhope violated State Law as Stanhope threatened to charge me with criminal harrassment if I contacted any representive, attended any meeting and that letter has not been rescinded. If I entered Borough of Stanhope property for any reason, I would be immediately escorted off the property and charged with criminal trespass. This has only been rescinded if I make an appointment to see a record under OPRA and I am still threatened with arrest if I entered its, our citizen's property, as it's letter restricting access is only for OPRA. Needless to say, I defy its corruption by placing evidence into their files but they even stopped at at the Sep 11, 2006 when I wasn't even allowed to enter into the record a statment on the Declaration of Independence or read it for 10 seconds. So called Judge Geraghty willfully ignored my letter of Sep 1, 2006 chich contained direct evidence of Stanhope's guilt contained in six letters from Stanhope's outstanding municipal clerk Robin Kline and so called Judge Geraghty agreed with an infectious carrier of evil Richard Stein for Judge Geraghty declared the GRC's case was moot. I objected vehemently stating: Can I say something now, and Judge Geraghty said; No time and time again. I stated Richard Stein's comments were false, that the Director of the Department of Consumer Affairs identified my confidential data and referred four PEs to the Newark's U.S. Attorney's Office corrupt Mr. Nobile and Department of Criminal Justice which included the Borough's John Cilo Jr. and the State's Sussex County Soil Conservation District's PE. Thereafter and only after stating other State laws violations was confirmed by the State's Soil Conservation Committee finding and also that DEP Commission Lisa Jackson (who was willfully lied to by the State's executive secretary James Sadley and her SSCC designee Larry Baier who was willfully deceived by SCSCD's chairman Clifford Lundin) did he agree to something from Stein in 30 days with a comment from me 15 days thereafter as "so called" Judge Geraghty refused my request for a hearing. I filed an immediate complaint with the ALO Director Sanders and notified the Governor's Office POC IAN Brennan and Catherine Starghill the Government Record Council who came to Stanhope personally.

On the Sep 11, 2006 Land Use Board meeting, Stanhope's corruption continued as I was not allowed to even submit a piece of paper with a section from the Declaration of Independence as I was not given and additional 1 minute or even 10 seconds to read what was on my document

Declaration of Independence

In every stage of these Oppressions: We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms (see the letters signed by all surrounding property owners below of Jul 25, 2002 and May 8, 2006 to the Land Use Board). Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.

Please remove Stanhope's corrupt Mayor Diana Kuncken, Borough Attorney Richard Stein, Governing Body and their accomplices through New Jersey State and Federal Government.

  • Trust In God
  • Support our Troops
  • Remove the wrong doers

  • Image of Stanhope's corrupt
    Attorney Richard Stein and
    many lies he told Judge Geraghty
    GRC 09424-2006N
    Stanhope's corrupt Borough Attorney and Municipal Prosecutor continued to lie and lie during the Sep 7, 2006 telephone call among ALO Judge James A. Geraghty, himself and me between 16:00 to 16:45 hours stating many times that the Borough fo Stanhope complied with all laws in the development of Block 10902 Lot 10 and 12. I repeatedly stated to the Judge that Stein's statements were false and requested we be placed under oath and Gerahty refused. He also refused to access the publically available web site. In addition he refused my request to not consolidate the individual complaints. He did not discuss the reply to any individual complaint. I requested he contact others and he He did not allow any time for discovery before he stated the case was moot and Richard Stein agreed.I objected to combining the complaints as one was to see tax assessment records in the Borough of Stanhope which Stanhope threatened me with criminal arrest if I entered Borough Property for any reason. Noted I could not even pay my tax bill or water bill as I was banned from any communication. In addition, I noted no copies of documents I requested were provided and that Stanhope wrote falsely I was a criminal. I desired to have a hearing wherein I could subpenao witnesses and cross examine witnesses per my New Jersey Constitutional rights and the judge refused as the subpoena forms themselves are on the OAL own web site.

  • The judge after I demanded a time frame stated Richard Stein would have 30 days to provide a response. To what?

    The judge would only allow affidavits by which process would NOT allow one's individual cross examination of witness to resolve issues of credibility of which the corrupt Richard Stein has none at this time.

    To refresh the mind of the corrupt Borough Attorney Richard Stein below in an abstract of the official Town Council minutes of The judges ruling did not allow me by constitution rights of subpoena so that I can bring the criminals before a judge under oath and question and cross examine them. One asks, why when I stated the Richard Stein was making so many false statements with the names of Government Officials that he could contact by telephone from Ian Brennan and Stuart Rabner in the Governor's Office, the Cabinet level DCA Commissioner Levin, DEP Commissioner Jackson, the Acting Director of Consumer Affairs, the Sussex County Prosecutor's Office, the Stanhope Municipal Clerk Robin Kline at 973-347-0159 ext 16 allow these travesty to continue as just more criminal conduct was conduct before a judge which could be confirmed in a two minute telephone call to any of the above? I had met another member of the executive branch of government that protects criminals. It is only through stenous and constant complaints and stating crimes were committed with codes and laws violated that I at least got a minimum of one individual rights.

  • I sent by proriety mail the ninety exhibits to Judge Gerthe Mayor refused to see as heard in the audio recording at the May 30, 2006 meeting. it and other data to Judge Geraghty, the Department of Justice in Washington D.C., Office of the Governor Ian Brennan / Stuart Rabner, GRC's executive director Catherine Starghill, the Borough of Stanhope's excellent Municipal Clerk Robin Kline who works in a criminal environment as I have told our corrupt Mayor repeatedly comply with the laws and assure the laws are faithfully executed but of course as a member of our corrupt Governing Body before becoming Mayor she has continued to be corrupt. She is surrounded by the fifteen property owners who are her adjacent neighbors. Mayor Diana Kuncken is a disgrace to our community and she stands to make the pledge to our Nation's flag under God and immediately continues her criminal acts along with the rest of the Governing Body.

    The Government Record Council filed on Aug 24, 2006 a 481 page complaint against the corrupt Borough of Stanhope Officals for repeated and willful violations of State law. They found Stanhope's letter banning me from Stanhope illegal which Stanhope has not withdrawn and considered Stanhope's Statement of Information response. The GRC panel met on May 11, 2006 and Jul 13, 2006 as indicated on the below links.

  • My four plus year investigation and efforts to reduce corruption in many State agencies has entered its final chapters as the matter of the many corrupt agencies noted in the "Jail" cell icon below and evidence was provided to the Department of Justice's Criminal Department in Washington D.C. for an investigation of New Jersey's corrupt Criminal Justice System, Judges and other agencies. New procedures were made in Government and State Codes were changed.

  • While there is more to be done as dozens of Government Officials will be investigated at the federal, state, municipal government employees, developers, professional engineers and planners the efforts are is now with the judges and highest levels of Government supported by our Governor, federal and state representatives, good people in Government and my neighbors. I wish the requirements for me to undertake this duty were not required; however, as children cried, grandmothers screamed and mothers were frightened for their children by intimidation as

  • I was protrayed as the Enemy of the People by corrupt State and Municipal Government as I was convicted six times, had four death threats, had Stanhope's Police sent to my home four times waking up my wife who was terrorized and in agony from a serious disease, as trees were destroyed, a sinkhole occurred in my front lawn, a wetland permit violated, walls emplaced in restricted deeds with false inspection reports, false plans and a wide spread coordinated conspiracy

  • I did my duty to the best of my ability to my neighbors and my town which I have lived in since 1972 which hopefully has started the return of ethics, law, civil rights and tranquility in our homes. I thank our new outstanding municipal clerk Robin Kline RMC, MAS for her kindness, friendship, great support to our community and her inspiration in improving our town with her new ideas, terrific work ethic and knowledge.

  • And our community thanks the Department of Community Affairs Commissioner's secretary Sherry and GRC's executive director Catherine Starghill, esq. for all their wonderful support.

  • I forgive all those that have particiated in their evil conduct to my neighbors. They are like me, are human, are sinners and we together can seek the forgiveness of our all merciful God so that we can set an example of duty, honor and country which are children who our are troops supporting freedom and liberties of people all around our small blue planet in the universe God created can upon our transition be remember as having integrity and if we are worthy by good deeds seek God's mercy and forgiveness for our sins. Peace be with you.

  • To my mother Grace who is with God, I will always remember your last words - forgive all.

  • Forgiving and loving all they neighbors who are all children of God is all you need to know.

    Trust in God

  • I, with my wife Kathryn, now embark on a different mission with my friends whose reward is giving of charity and themselves as we already formed Inside on the Outside, Defense Engineering Services LLC and a Healthcare Solutions LLC to bring new technologies to support our soldiers who honor us with their courage, with DTI Energy Inc bring organic direct fuel cell power for clean power using Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Power, clean coal processing to reduce foreign oil reliance and provide a cleaner environment.

  • For our community, I thank all our federal and state representatives who all came to our aide and our prior Acting Governor Senator Codey and our current government Jon Corzine who has displayed that ETHICS will be returned to New Jersey and wish him and his Cabinet members well on their mission.I especially thank my wife, Kathryn, who despite being tortured was always a beacon of light, caring and my dearest friend. We are all children of God. Bless you, my sisters and brothers, may you find spirit and joy and if there is suffering just remind yourself:

    You have a soul that is everlasting that can not be touched or harmed by anyone or any thing other then yourself.

    Your deeds will be known by others but they are known by yourself as your mother nutured you with her own body during your birth. Let your inside soul shine through to the outside at it is in the image of God. Beauty is only skin deep. People know your soul by your conduct. Make your inside shine bright on the outside. You are remembered by your deeds not your words.

  • Always love your parents for without them you would not exist.

  • The key to joy is to forgive and help others with your heart and let them hear your soul shout out: Glory to God and simply be good.

  • The time and date is Sep 6, 2006 at 9:91 p.m. EST and these are my last entries as I have told Stanhope last night I welcome the opportunity to help them let people know not only Stanhope wonderful heritage, assist in improvements in web site and other community matters but support the people with our new endevors.

    Canal Society of New Jersey - The victims and heros of the World Trade Center should never be forgotten. The NYC Twin Towers may be remembered. The statue honoring Macculloch, the Morristown Businessman, who began the canal efforts and allowed New Jersey's Iron Mines Production and Coal Transport to prosper. Coal came from Pennsylania over the Delaware River rose to the heights by Lake Hopatcong and dropped to sea level in Newark, around Jersey City to the Hudson River. The Route went my home town of Stanhope which had a large iron works. The canal useing gravity and water powered inclined planes carried carriage cars up or down the hills and then mules pulled the boat along via a towpath. The Morris Canal was the highest hill climbing canal in the entire world.

    Lake Hopatcong was raised to provide the water source via a feeder canal to the Morris Canal system as its water powered turbines as the water flowed east and west. Lake Musconetong was a two section swamp and dammed to hold water as a resevoir in the event of drought so the canal system could still operate and Cranberry Lake was created as another resevoir as the canal served our State for 100 years. An historic turbine wheel can be seen in Lake Hopatcong's State Park

    If you click on the csnj link here, as I was the creator of the web site, as I am in the photograph, take the light rail and see the beginning of the Morris Canal and visit our museum located in Waterloo Village near Stanhopoe with your children and see a terrific quiet town on the canal. Enjoy a walk along the water filled canal in Stanhope itself and see a stop gate and where the lock was going into Lake Musconetcong as you enter our Town and Sussex County going north on Rt 183. Enjoy the fine, enjoyable, lovely day and see what a inclined was reading the many interpretive signs the Canal Society with the support of its more then 1,200 members have done to provide education, delight and wonderment of the challenges they overcame.

  • I also return to love of hiking so I can joint in spirit with nature and see New Jersey's black bears, deer, snakes, porcupines, frogs, birds, glacial lakes via to provide an aide to families hiking or camping on our trail section of the Appalachian Trail and see its wonders.

  • And to help those in Italy and other places provide ideas in camping equipment design as I have to provide the images for my Ultralight weight self leveling hiking stove again.

    My Hikenet Ultralite Stove Design details from Italy

    Thomas John James (aka Bear Bells) Caggiano

    Last update: Sep 4 , 2006

    Thomas John James Caggiano

    My four plus year
    investigation report
    into New Jersey's
    wide spread corruption

  • The General Record Council's Executive Director Catherine Starghill, esq. filed a complaint to the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) Docket No. GRC 09424-2006N for willfully and repeated violations of State Laws

    Judge James Geraghty presiding, 973-648-7136,
    33 Washington Street, Newark, N.J. 07102-7136.

    The OAL is an Executive Branch agency located technically in, but not of, the Department of Treasury. An Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) presides over a contested case, which is conducted according to hearing rules established by statute and by the OAL.

    The Director, who is also the Chief Administrative Law Judge, presides over the office and reports directly to the Governor.

    The members of the GRC are appointed by the Governor and are: Vincent Maltese, esq. of Willentz, Goldman and Spitzer P.A. who obtained his Juris Doctorate degree, summa cum laude, from North Carolina Central University, Robin-Tabkin, Cabinet member Department of Consumer Affairs Commissioner Susan Bass Levin and Acting Commissioner Lucille Davy (Cabiner member - Acting Commissioner of Education) who I met on May 11, 2006 and provided a nine minute presentation and evidence of corruption in the Borough of Stanhope.

  • This web site is published by Thomas J. Caggiano under the protection of the New Jersey Constitution RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES, Section 6. Every person may freely speak, write and publish his sentiments on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of that right. No law shall be passed to restrain or abridge the liberty of speech or of the press. In all prosecutions or indictments for libel, the truth may be given in evidence to the jury; and if it shall appear to the jury that the matter charged as libelous is true, and was published with good motives and for justifiable ends, the party shall be acquitted; and the jury shall have the right to determine the law and the fact.

  • On Aug 30, 2006 Stanhope's OPRA custodian Robin Kline RMC, MAS (973-347-0159 ext 16) written respones proved that Stanhope had no contracts with John Cilo Assoicates or Omland Engineering, that required as-built drawings as required to be approved by the Borough Engineer prior to the approval of a Construction Code Official of a Certificate of Occupancy as stated in resolution forming the minor sub-division between the Borough of Stanhope and the owner Eleanor Dawalt, no Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plan existed for the 2 Lot project approved by the municipality and HQ, Department of Agriculture's corrupt executive secretary of the State Soil Conservation Committee James Sadley or Sussex County Soil Conservation District corrupt chairman Clifford Lundin ever certified a required two foot contour SESCP for the project Block 10902 Lots 10 and 12 as required by the State Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Act, NJAC 2:90-1-14 Minor Sub-division, 40:55D-132 and Stanhope Land Development Code Chapter 100-119 Minor Subdivion as two criminally false 1/2 project SESCPS were certified by the criminals in the State's Sussex County Soil Conservation District by its corrupt chairman Clifford Lundin and manager Winifred Straub who had me convicted six times by two corrupt judges that did not even allow any witnesses to be called in my defense violating my New Jersey Constitutional Rights under
    Article I, Rights and Privileges, Section 10.

    In all criminal prosecutions the accused shall have the right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury; to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor; and to have the assistance of counsel in his defense.

  • The Aug 30 and Sep 1, 2006 OPRA responses from Stanhope's new outstanding municipal clerk Robin Kline which Stanhope's John Cilo its PE consultant and Eric Keller its PE/PP consultant still willfully refused to respond ifthe firms had a valid professional services contact awarded pursuant to the Local Government Constracts Law 40A:11-5(1)(a)(i) which requires publication in a newscontracts complies with a newspaper announcement of the four elements required to be pubished. The Borough of Stanhope was notified by me they had criminal disbursements, all plans approved violated the Map Filing Law as no State wide coordinated conspiracy continues as the Mayor, Borough Attonrey and Town Council were still corrupt at its Aug 29, 2006 public meeting.

  • On Sep 5, 2006 over five thousand pages of copies of the ninety exhibits presented to the Board of Engineers against John Cilo Jr. and other copies of other recent letters were mailed to the Criminal Division of the Justice Department in Washington D. C. and its Public Integrity Section and Civil Rights Division, Stuart Rabner the Governor's Chief Council and pending Attorney General and Governor's POC Ian Brennan, Acting Attorney General Anne Milgram, Sussex County Prosecutor's Office, corrupt Office of Government Integrity acting director Tracy Thompson/DAG Alan Epstein, Newark's U. S. Attorney New Jersey District's Christopher J. Christie, Department of Agriculture's Administrative Practices Officer Erin Simone/Hunter Brinkhead the HQ, Department of Agriculture's Section Chief, Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Program and others.

  • All Federal and State Representatives and more then fourteen (14 property) owners surrounded the criminally developed minor Sub-division on Block 10902 Lots 10 and 12 who wrote a initial petition on Jul 25, 2002 were ignored. More then four years later, after we wrote many other prior letters which were provided to many State agencies, and more almost 3 months after 15 property owners wrote of the criminal conduct on Block 10902 Lots 10 and 12 which violated deeds as walls were built in restricted conservation areas, 4 large shade trees destroyed, deck built on the wrong side of the house and no Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plan in existence for the project that is approved by the Borough of Stanhope and cerified by the SCSCD together for the 2 Lot minor sub-division, with a wetland buried before Sussex County Soil Conservation District even knew the project existed, with a obvious false certified SESCP by SCSCD for only 1/2 the project that was already ruled invalid by the executive Secretary of the State Soil Conservation Committee, with hundreds of unreported offenses which were defined to James Sadley, Frank Minch, Clifford Lundin, Winifred Staub in over 100 emails containing witnessed dated photographs by the Borough Engineer himself that proves the violations

    Click here for important recent detailed updates as of Aug 29, 2006

  • Previously I faxed and/or mailed significant additional evidence to that substantial amount which has already been provided to DOJ's Civil Rights Department, to Governor Corzine's Chief Counsel Stuart Rabner (soon to be N.J.'s Attorney General) and POC Ian Brennan (609-292-6000), Newark's based U. S. Attorney Christopher J. Christie (973-645-2700 ), Department of Community Affairs Commissioner's secretary Sherry who has been of great service (609-292-6420), the HQ, Department of Agriculture's Administrative Practices' Officer Erin Simone esq (609-292-3976) the Department of Environmental Protection's Director of Watershed Management Larry Baier who is DEP's Commissioner Lisa Jackson's representative on the State's Soil Conservation Committee {he was directed by our community's supporter DEP's Commissioner Jackson to conduct a further investigation} (609-633-0750), Executive Director of the Board of Engineers' Authur Russo (800-242-5846), the Borough of Stanhope's new Municipal Clerk and OPRA custodian Robin Kline, RMC, MSA who has been of great service to our community (973-347-0159 ext 16) and other organizations. In addition, I telephoned and spoke with the staff of our U.S. Senator's Frank Lautenberg (973-639-8700), and Robert Menendez (973-645-3030) , Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen (973-984-0711) as a heads-up if their additional support is needed and sent e-mails to State Senator Richard J. Codey 973-731-6770 , State Senator Robert E. Littell 973-827-2900, Assemblyman Guy R. Gregg 973-584-5422 and Assemblywoman Alison Littell McHose 973-726-0954 who assisted our community previously as indicated in the letters which are available on the links below.

    We the people look forward to end the blight that has been upon our community and our State with their support. I have periodically kept our representatives abreast of the support we have been recieving in our efforts to live in tranquility, with well being in our homes. As confirmation, when I telephoned and informed one of our State's representative's staff members of the current progress his immediate response was: Great. I suggest to any person requiring needing support in a particular subject matter area concerning the issues that one of the above persons be contacted for support and assistance.

  • What was my reward for reporting the violations from New Jersey's corrupt Department of Agriculture's Sussex County Soil Conservation District's chairman Lundin and manager Straub and two corrupt Judges Mulhern and C. William Bowkley Jr?
    The only thing New Jersey's corrupt Judges and State did for the victims was convict me 6 times, fined me thousands of dollars, had me serve 2 years of supervised probation as the dozens of criminals have continued to protect one another and have run amok. Well folks, we are now bringing in the Department of Justice from Washington D. C. Public Integrity Section and Civil Rights Department and President Bush if we the people need additional assistance to remove the blight of corruption that exists in the State of New Jersey, Hopatcong, Newton and Stanhope.

    Photo by Economopoulos
    Signing budget after Shutdown
    Governor Jon Corzine's Mar 15, 2006 letter to Thomas Caggiano with a copy to New Jersey's Attorney General Ms. Farber directing an investigation which was blocked by the corrupt New Jersey's Department of Criminal Justice's AAG Louise Lester the Chief of the Special Prosecutions Branch. I then contacted the Governor's office again after meeting her at the Hughes Justice Complex on May 11, 2006. The Governor's Office then directly assigned staff member Ian Brennan and the investigation of the Borough of Stanhope was then informed to the Department of Community Affairs which previously wantonly ignored over 3,000 pages of evidence provided over a time period of four years by 15 property owners.

    Over five months later and the criminals are still in charge more brazen then ever as justice delayed is justice denied. So much for the letter from the Governor as he sent his letter to the criminals in the then criminals in the New Jersey Department of Criminal Justice.

    Washington State
    Supreme Court Justice
    Richard B. Sanders

    Since taking his seat on the Supreme Court, Justice Sanders has served as an adjunct professor teaching appellate advocacy at the UW School of Law; has written articles for professional journals; and has presented lectures on diverse topics including civil liberties, the Washington State Constitution, legal ethics, and Abraham Lincoln, among others.

    Justice Sanders believes the court must protect all the legal rights of all the citizens who come before it all the time. We have no second class citizens, he adds. His special interest is the Washington State Constitution, and he often quotes his favorite passage: Governments . . . are established to protect and maintain individual rights. Const. art. I, § 1.

  • State of Washington's Constitution

  • President Abraham Lincoln's Gettysberg Address and other papers

  • Photo by Mel Evans - AP

    Stuart Rabner's
    Noteworthy Background

    Congratulations to Stuart Rabner on his selection of Aug 25, 2006 by Governor Corzine to be our Attorney General.

    He was Summa cum laude at Woodwood Wilson School at Princeton and cum laude at Harvard Law School.

    His first actions as Attorney General should be to place his Director of Criminal Justice Gregg Paw on administrative leave and immediately fire the corrupt AAG Louise Lester, Edgar Hess and SGT Miles Capeillo of the Department of Criminal Justice who blocked the investigation requests by our State representatives and based upon my May 11, 2006 meeting in the Hughes Justice Complex with the corrupt Louise Lester and also fire the DAG Alan Epstein of the Office of Government Integrity.

    On July 2, 2006, I sent a detailed letter of facts to the Washington D.C.'s United States Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division's AAG Wan Kim concerning the apparent corruption by Mr. James Nobile, the Assistant U. S. Attorney in chrge of the Newark's Special Prosecutions Branch who ignored many feet of evidence. I also notified our U. S. Attorney Christopher Christie on Jun 30, 2006. My seven page overview summary letter describes the corruption in many New Jersey State Departments, Borough of Stanhope officials, Judges, Prosecutors, Police and others.

    Thomas Caggiano
  • Background
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Leadership
  • Retired Chemical Engineer, engineering supervisor for $ Billions in design and construction, International Expert to the Corps of Engineers, Sr. DOD Acquistion Corps' Project Management Engineer, RDT&E Policy Chief, Procurement and Financial expert, Major System's Acquistion Business Manager and Program Management Division Chief

    We are not aliens.
    May 8, 2006 letter by fifteen property owners to Stanhope Oak Drive Development was illegal and criminal. Hundreds of offenses were not reported. A Wetland Permit general conditions was violated. Shade Trees to be protected were destroyed. Deed restrictions were violated. False reports, false memorandum and false plans abound.
    Jul 25, 2002 Petition signed by all fourteen adjacent property owners directing the Mayor and Town Council per Chap 100-15 Enforcement to comply with Land Development codes, the site plan which has no two walls and restore the destroyed 4 shade trees. Criminal conduct by the Borough of Stanhope, State, ENF, four PEs and PP accelerated as two criminally, false SESCPs were certified by SCSCD's chairman Mr. Clifford Lundin that were never approved by Stanhope as the corrupt Town Administrator Teri Massood admitted to me in her office that she buried the first false SESCP in the Building folder which I informed the Department of Community Affairs' investigator Mr. Maher in my home after showing him the site plan/SESCP which was signed by Cilo and never certfied by SCSCD for the project, the 2 Lot minor sub-division Block 10902 Lots 10 and 12. ENF never submitted an application to the Land Use Board for either false certified SESCP as they would have been rejected as none were for the project and both were blatantly false as noted constantly to the corrupt SCSCD and HQ, Department of Agriculture.

    Dozens of corrupt
    Federal, State and Municipal Officials
    participate in rampant crime

    An extensive list of dozens of apparent criminals: Federal, State, Municipal Officials, Judges, Prosecutors, Professional Engineers and Planners, Hopatcong and State Police as they are corrupt by the dozens and protect their own as many State Agencies are corrupt.
    A listing of the Corrupt Borough of Stanhope's Officials
    Mayor, Town Administrator, Governing Body, Engineers, Land Use Board members, CFO, Chief of Police, Judge, Attorneys and others.

    A must read: Important historical content
    and key info as of Jul 12, 2006

    Office of the
    Attorney General

    Zulima Farber

    On Aug 15, 2006 after a report was issued that Farber violated State ethics laws, Governor Corzine met her and requested she resign as New Jersey's Attorney's General which she did effective Aug 30, 2006.

    Just another corrupt New Jersey Official gone with dozens to go.

    On July 1, 2006, Ms. Farber our apparently corrupt N.J. Attorney General was driven to a Click-It or Ticket-It Stop by her State Trooper as her live-in boy friend Hamlet Goore was going to have his car impounded and was issued two court summons: one for a suspended license and the other for an unregistered vehicle. They were both voided by the Fairview police officer after Ms. Farber talked with the Mayor at the scene and Mr. Goore was allowed to drive his vehicle home. A judge then invalidated the voiding of the tickets.
  • A special prosecutor is investigating whether Farber intervened in a traffic stop to help Goore, who is acting director of the township Department of Community Development and Planning. Goore was requested to resign.
  • Goore has had his driver's license suspended 10 times
  • Goore, an attorney, was reprimanded twice by the New Jersey Supreme Court for failing to properly represent his clients and for filing false records with the court.
  • The federal government filed dozens of liens against his property for failing to pay income tax owed between 1981 and 1998.
  • Two companies founded by Goore were shut down by the state treasurer for failure to pay corporate taxes.

  • After report which found Farber violated ethics laws, Gov Corzine met her face to face and requested her resignation. She resigned on Aug 15, 2006 as just another disgrace to the State of New Jersey. The GRC published May 11, 2006 findings were the Borough of Stanhope Local Govt officials willfully violated 2 State laws eighteen times, the Governor's Office requested the DCA to investigate Stanhope months ago but the DCA's Local Government Department has repeated refused to even answer its own Commissioner's letter that Stanhope has no contracts with "contractor's" charging for services. Can someone make the Department of Local Government and Codes and Standards sections resign in mass?

  • Hear a story of rampant crime.

    Hear a sixteen minute telling on Jun 2, 2006 by Thomas Caggiano to Sussex County Soil Conservation District's corrupt lawyer Mr. Brian Smith of the criminal conduct of Stanhope officials, Sussex County Soil Conservation District Officials, SCSCD's PE Joseph Sedivy and the developer E.N.F. Development Co. LLC., Franklin Dawalt Jr., PE Wendell Inhoffer, PE Peter Schneider, PE John Cilo and PP Judith Keith.
    New Jersey's Criminal Justice Code

    Absolute Rampant Corruption
    exists in the Borough of Stanhope.

    There is total insanity.
    They must be on drugs and have a full moon.
    Law and Order
    in Stanhope does NOT exist.
    Criminals are in control.
  • On Jul 13, 2006, I provided Stanhope's excellent Environmental Commission (SEC) Chairman Owen Newsom and the committee a 45 minute presentation on three projects. The SEC will take appropriate action within Stanhope to look at issues of no contracts for Mr. Cilo, Ms. Doyle and Mr. Keller, approving the B&B Homes project by the Land Use Board as the Wetland Permit Application was recieved after the approval, the issue of the buried wetland on Block 10902 Lot 10 and the walls in the conservation easement on Lots 10 and 12 and having NO approved and certified SESCP for the minor sub-division and ENF Development Co. LLC operating on Block 10903 Lots 13 and 15 and having a plan approved by the Land Use Board that violated Chapter 53 Shade Tree Commission, did not have trees specified correctly, the site plan did NOT agree with the deed, and other matters.

    The Committee was completely surprised that the "professionals" had NO contracts 40A:11-5(1)(a)(i) and I provided them the letter to me by our Municipal Clerk that no contracts could be found in Stanhope and the contractors had not responded to her many requests to provide a contract.

    Our outstanding municipal clerk Ms Robin Kline provided notice to Stanhope's corrupt Town Administrator Teri Massood who is responsible for contracts, and she was also the Chief Financial Officer who certified (40A:9-28.1) criminally submitted claims from John Cilo Associates and Omland Engineering Associates and compliance with laws, the Mayor and others. I notified our corrupt Mayor, Governing Body and Land Use Board weeks ago that no contracts exist for any of these professionals, that disbursement were criminal for the last six months and ALL projects must stop development immediately.

  • My detailed Jul 14, 2006 Letter to DCA Commissioner Susan Bass Levin, EPA, DEP, Board of Engineers' Arthur Russo and others describing a complete collapse of law as the Land Use Board approved a project with Wetlands requiring an EIS before the Wetland Permit application was even received? Approve a project on 8 Hickory Drive whose plans violate laws and the E.N.F. has been on-site 3 months and 911 calls placed and ignored?

    Land Use Board writes a letter to the Board of Engineers supporting the criminal John Cilo Jr?

    Evidence of John Cilo Jr.'s many criminal acts were on the Land Use Board's table and ignored. A letter signed by 15 property owners of the hundreds of unreported violations by Cilo and Sussex County Soil Conservation District as two illegal developments by E.N.F. Development Co. LLC. are made "under Cilo's control". PE John Cilo Jr. has NO contract nor his employee the over priced PP Scarlett Doyle. The appointed municipal engineer is banned from the Land Use Board; PE/PP Eric Keller (PE/PP) the municipal engineer does not have a contract via Omland Engineering Associates and the President is Stanley Omland (PE/PP) whose company is submitting invalid claims to the Borough since Jan 1, 2006.

    Aug 2, 2006 letter from GRC stated a 481 Page document was forwarded to Office of Administrative Law
    Telephone call Catherine Starghill on Aug 15, 2006 discussed issues of criminal conduct.

  • GRC Mtg of May 11,2006 Caggiano 18 complaints against Stanhope. Total Complaints 36 for State of N.J.

  • Redo: GRC Mtg of Jul 13,2006 Caggiano 20 complaints against Stanhope. Total Complaints 38 for State of N.J.

    On Jul 27, 2006 the Government Record Council sent a 481 page transmittal to the Office of Administrative Law as the Borough of Stanhope willfully violated State laws dozens of times and the courts can decide other punitive damages.

  • Some good news. in a response from the GRC on Jul 17, 2006 in reply to my OPRA Comment to obtain the names and addresses of Government employees to file criminal charges against them, I was informed that the prior GRC Operations Manager Gloria Luzzatto no longer works for the GRC. Good, one gone with a few dozens through-out State government agencies, municipal government and judges to go.

  • No contracts

    Stanhope has No Professional PE Service Contracts

    Local Public Contracts Law
    N.J.S.A. 40:A:11-5(1)(a)(i)
    12 months maximum duration

  • Omland Engineering Associates Inc. for Eric Keller as appointed Municipal Engineer
  • John Cilo Jr. Associates for consultants John Cilo Jr. PE and Scarlett Doyle PP appointed Town Planner
  • They ALL Participate in submitting criminal claims.
  • The Tyranny

    Government's Oppressive Power
    Wide spread conspiracy
    Municipal, State and Federal Government
    A Protection Racket
    for Corrupt Developers

    The Last Straw. A false 911 Report was made by Stanhope SGT . Ignored by the corrupt Mayor Diana Kuncken and Governing Body. Protected by Hopatcong's Police Department as fumes from ENF's criminal development of 8 Hickory Drive adversely impacted the public who complained at Land Use Board, Stanhope Environental Commission and Town Council meetings and to the State and Federal Government.

    The Cover-up

    Two 150 ft Long Walls
    up to 8 ft tall
    one built at the direction of
    the Borough of Stanhope
    in a restricted conservation easement
    that do not exist on any plan.

    The non-existent wall 8' high, 150 ft long wall? A felony itself on no site plan or SCSCD certified SESCP- A Statewide Conspiracy among the Dept of Criminal Justice, Dept of Agriculture, Department of Community Affairs, Office of Government Integrity, Sussex County Prosecutor's Office, Sussex County Soil Conservation District, Stanhope's Mayor, Town Council, Borough Attorney, Town Administrator, Borough Engineer, Construction Code Official, Chief of Police and too many others to mention.

    Government Record Council

    GRC sends data to OFFICE OF ADMINSTIRATIVE LAW for prosecution of Borough of Stanhope Officials willfully denial of access.
    Reconsider 5 minute rule.

    GRC finding: Letter from corrupt Town Administrator Teri Massood / corrupt Borough Attorney Richard Stein stating I was a criminal and banning me from Stanhope Illegally (criminal referral recommended). Custodian found to have willfully violated State laws. Recommended referral to Superior court for personal fine to OPRA custodian of $83,500 per OPRA violations and by nexus Mayor and Governing Body. GRC cancelled State's GRC scheduled June 2006 meeting to incorporate changes I recommended in policy and procedures. Photos
    Satellite Photos shows hundreds of unreported adverse off-site impacts and
    no controlled access. Includes how to obtain May 8-11, 2006 Data from corrupt State and municipal governments.

    Developing courses
    for college students
    Using Work Breakdown Structure analysis techniques and through my publishment on the internet, the record of corruption is exposed as a case study reference source, to provide information for undergraduate and graduate course level instruction guides that are being developed as a community service.

    Information and Records
    were rapidly provided.

    A big thanks to the Department of Agriculture's Mr. Louis Bruni (OPRA Custodian) and Ms. Eric Simone esq. (Administrative Practice's Officer)

    Copies of the Department of Agricuture's materials were provided rapidly in response to my many OPRA requests. I had an excellent 1.5 hour conversation with Ms. Simone wherein we discussed Title 40, the State Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Act, N.J.A.C. 2:90-1 et seq, Stanhope Chapter 100-119, Deed restrictions, contour maps, and the much stated requirement for an approved municipality and certified Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plan prior to development starting.

    Great Seal's history
  • My May 1, 2006 letter to the Governor Corzine use your constitutional powers to remove cabinet officials.

  • My April 21, 2006 Ltr to Governor Corzine Wide Spread Corruption. Ineffective State Commission of Investigation Director Alan Rockoff.

  • My April 21, 2006 Ltr to Governor Corzine with the evidence. Get a real BIG Jail for all the dozens of corrupt New Jersey State officials, Borough of Stanhope Officials, Judges, Police, Prosecutors, E.N.F. Development's Franklin Dawalt Jr and many others.

  • Acting Director Stephan B. Nolan
    appointed Aug 3, 2006
    Criminal Complaint against
    Board of Engineers' President and Panel Members

    Jul 15, 2006 Request names and addresses for filing charges
  • Omland Engineering Associates PP/PEs
  • John Cilo Jr. Associates PE/PP
    Mar 24, 2006 Letter from the Department of Consumer Affairs Director Kimberbly Ricketts after investigating Stanhope's corrupt Borough Engineer John Cilo Jr. for a year and obtaining my testimony listed complaints against E.N.F. Developmenet Co. LLC's two professional engineers, Wendell Inhoffer and Peter Schneider and professional planner Judith Keith and the State's Sussex County Soil Conservation District's professional engineer Joseph Sedivy
  • On Jul 14, 2006, I had a 45 minute conversation with the Board of Engineers' Executive Director Arthur Russo and provided Mr. Russo a detailed update on the status, that I was providing a community service by "acting as a unpaid project management engineer coordinating investigation activity" and requested he provide an update to the apparently corrupt Mr. Edward Vernick the Board's President. I suggested that Mr. Russo (973-504-6517) confirm with Stanhope's outstanding Municipal Clerk Robin Kline(973-347-0159 x 16) that no contracts exist for Mr. Cilo PE and Stanhope's appointed municipal engineer Mr. Keller PE who is banned from the Land Use Board. I provided a message to Director of Consumer Affairs Kimberly Ricketts administrative assistant on recent web page updates noted for "Mr. Kim" and "the Bats above". I then requested the Department of Community Affairs Commissioner Susan Bass Levin's secretary Sherry Schwager(609-292-6420) to contact Mr. Russo so they could coordinate activity concerning the corrupt PE John Cilo Jr. who is under three investigations by the apparently corrupt Board of Engineers and there will be many more. I also posted the "letter request" by Cilo which was "sponsed" by the Governing Body's corrupt representative who is also a member of the corrupt Land Use Board which wrote a "favorable" letter regarding Cilo to the Board of Engineers.

  • On Jul 17, 2006 I forwarded complaints against PE John Cilo Jr., PP Scarlett Doyle, PE/PP Stanley Omland President of Omland Engineering Associates and Vice President/appointed Municipal Engineer Eric Keller for submitting criminally false claims to the Borough of Stanhope for services without contracts and for misrepresentation and defrauding the developers and the public as the Land Use Board criminally notified developers to change the title Blocks on Maps, Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plans, Master Plans to "Board engineer" and allowed the corrupt Mr. John Cilo Jr. who was not an apointed official or even on contract to violate the Map Filing Law in concert with the criminals on the Governing Body, Finance Committee, CFO who was the Town Administrator Teri Massood who was found guilty by the General Record Counsel on May 11, 2006 of writing illegal letters banning me from Stanhope as also done by the corrupt Borough Attorney Richard Stein. The corrupt Stanhope Official Mr. Benson has 4 official positions in Stanhope and contrived with John Cilo Jr. to have the Land Use Board which by acclamation wrote a letter of support of their criminal signing Maps, Plans, etc John Cilo Jr to the Board of Engineers stating Mr. Cilo was complying with direction of the Land Use Board which was itself a criminally ficticious report to the State's enforcement agency. Just more unending complicity of criminals on a massive, continuous, and unending saga.

  • On Jul 27, 2006 the Borough of Stanhope signed a contract with Omland Engineering Associates, Inc with Eric Keller (PE/PP) as its municipal engineer per para A.1 Serve as appointed municipal engineer as required by N.J.S. 40A:9-140. This information was faxed to the Department of Community Affairs Commissioner Levin's secretary Sherry and the executive director of the Board of Engineers' Arthur Russo on Aug 14, 2006 after I returned from a trip to Nevada wherein I set up three firms and expanded two other firms. One firm is Defense Engineering Services ( which will provide classified engineering and manufacturing services to the Special Operations Forces and the other Tri-service organizations. Another firm expanded with many partners and will participate in fuel cell development. The data on fuel cells is on the web at and my background is available at The contract with Omland Engineering was signed seven months after the company lead by Stanley Omland (pp/PE) and its vice president Eric Keller submitted criminal claims to the Borough of Stanhope and signed documents, reports and plans as a contracted official of Stanhope which Eric Keller was NOT.

  • Senators Menendez, Lautenberg and Governor Corzine

    Support was obtained from our Federal Representatives

    Photo by DC SHPO
    History of the U.S. Capitol

  • Nov 15, 2005 Senator Lautenberg's Letter to the corrupt Mr. Nobile in the Newark's U.S.Attorney's Office regarding the Sussex County Conspiracy
  • Nov 5, 2005 Congressman Frelinghuysen's letter instantly supports Stanhope community.
  • National Park Service Capitol Building Web site.

  • Support was obtained from our State Representatives; however, their requests to the New Jersey Attorney General after being assigned by Mr. Trapp to the corrupt N.J. Criminal Justice Department's Special Prosecutions' Branch were immediately blocked by its corrupt chief AAG Ms. Louise Lester and Mr. Edgar Hess. I met Ms. Louise Lester in the Hughes Justice Complex on May 11, 2006 and she is a corrupt criminal as she refused to look at two pages of evidence. I met a Criminal Leader to my face.

    of our
    New Jersey Capitol
    from 1792

  • Senator and Acting Governor Codey Nov 4, 2004 letter for an investigation to the corrupt Office of Goverment Integrity
  • Assemblyman Gregg's Jul 11, 2003 letter for an investigation was blocked by Dept of Criminal Justice's Ms. Louise Lester and Mr. Edgar Hess who shutdown investigation immediately.
  • Senator's Littell's Sep 10, 2003 letter for investigation blocked by Dept of Criminal Justice's corrupt Ms. Louise Lester and Mr. Edgar Hess.
  • Assemblywoman McHose's Sep 11, 2003 letter for an investigation blocked by the corrupt Ms. Louise Lester and Mr. Edgar Hess.
  • My Very Detailed Report through April 2006 with laws detailed by sub-paragraph, chronology, violations, and construction flaws and remedies to the site if possible. I do not know how to remedy the enormous amount of uncompressed fill under the house foundations other then expensive pilings with substantial earth movement, some type of implantation or as a last resort to remove the houses from their foundations which was filled in complete violation of BOCA. Both existing walls must be removed and many other substantial underground site changes and 8 large shade trees must be replanted. The buried gypsum boards must be removed.

  • A typical Nov 4, 2005 Letter to the Corrupt Stanhope Borough officials about the illegal development on Block 10902 Lots 10 and 12, 2 Oak and 6 Oak Drive which was ignored like all other letters. complaints and petitions.

    Town Council Meeting

    May 30, 2006

    You can listen to our corrupt Stanhope
    Mayor Diana Kuncken and
    our corrupt
    Borough Attorney
    Richard Stein
    of Laddey, Clark and Ryan
    Sparta, New Jersey.

    I provided proof of criminal conduct, violation of Local Public Contracts Law and requested removal of the corrupt Town Administrator Teri Massood and the corrupt Borough Attorney Richard Stein said Chapter 2.2 D didn't even exist. I informed our corrupt Mayor Diana Kuncken to comply with laws as executive which was ignored by Stanhope corrupt Mayor, Town Council, Borough Attorney, and Town Administrator. Also GRC decision on May 11, 2006 found Stanhope's prior Custodian, with the knowledge and controlling consent of Stanhope's corrupt government, violated the Open Public Record Act by denying my access to inspect any documents on the Block 10902 Lot 10 and 12 development. My request for a discussion in closed session to remove the Town Administrator Teri Massood and to review confidental data I provided to the Department of Consumer Affairs for removal of John Cilo Jr. as consultant was also ignored. I later found out neither PE Cilo, PP Doyle or PE/PP Keller that none have any contracts.
    New Jersey is so absolutely and totally corrupt, the victim is sent to jail, convicted 6 times, fined thousands of dollars, put into handcuffs in Hopatcong's Police Station, finger printed in the Sussex County Jail, placed into a 5 point restraint system in Newton Memorial Hospital, into a clinic with involuntary confinement for 18 days, had drugs administered against my will with known side effects that poisoned me and reduced my red blood cell count 50%, was placed into the Sussex County Sherrif's Labor Assistance Program as an inmate, was placed on supervised probation for two years, had my travel restricted and voting rights eliminated, had Stanhope's corrupt Police sent by its corrupt Government bang on our door waking up my wife at night and terrorizing her, had Hopatcong's and Stillwater's Judges refuse to allow witnesses in my defense, paid thousands of dollars in lawyer bills as the criminals in Federal, State, County and Municipal Government commit crimes with total freedom protected by a corrupt protectorate in Federal, State, County and Municipal governments and used the State and Municipal police forces at their disposal to terrorize the community. Needless to say, these corrupt State and Municipal Government officials picked on the wrong person as their water pistols are empty and I will now for the next few years clean out New Jersey's corrupt executive and judicial branches.

    After obtaining my initial 5 legal books and visiting the Morristown's assignment Superior Court's Judge's B. Theordore Bozonelis chambers as I will use the Court System to eradicate the dozens of criminals and improve their Department operations in the Executive Branches of Federal, State, County and Municipal Government.

    I no longer depend on my corrupt executive Governments to protect the people as after four years and thousands of pages of evidence, my tolerance is now past as a 911 call was subjugated by dozens of corrupt Government people.

    My patience is over.

    Minutes of my Oct 23, 2002 Appeal of a criminally, false SESCP to the totally corrupt Sussex County Soil Conservation District

  • My Mar 6, 2006 Tale of treason of Stanhope's corrupt Mayor Diana Kuncken, Councilman Murphy and Town Administrator Teri Massood

  • New Jersey undermanned Inspector General's Office is a hoax as it has a total staff of only 15 people and my complaint filed in Dec 2005 against corrupt State Sussex County Soil Conservation District's chairman Mr. Clifford Lundin and manager Ms. Winifred Straub has not even been reviewed? The Inspector General's Office has no person to even answer the telephone? Its workers have no time to even look at the complaint as the IG workers just pile the hundreds of complaints they received against corrupt New Jersey State employees in boxes since Dec 2005. The IG has no real staff size to do any work. Either get more staff or abolish the office and save on the heating bill and storage bill for the complaints! The IG received hundreds of complaints against corrupt New Jersey State employees and they just put them in box after box. Invest a few million dollars, hire lots of staff or contract it out to a collection agency, reduce New Jersey's State's pandemic corruption by putting these corrupt State officials and corrupt developers in jail and cease all their assets to help balance the State budget or hire dozens of more investigators. The goal is to get rid of New Jersey's terrible government corruption which is known World Wide.

  • Message from DEP's
    Commissioner Lisa Jackson
    Letter to DEP Commissioner Lisa Jackson regarding Wetland Permit violation and buried gypsum boards who assigned Mr. Larry Baier to conduct an investigation on Stanhope Block 10902 Lots 10 and Lot 12. In addition, on Jul 11, 2006, I contacted the DEP's Mr. Larry Baier and the EPA's Dan Montella, Ch, Wetlands Protection Sec Region 2 concerning the substantial B&B Homes development in Stanhope on Block 11801 Lot 12 that requires an Environment Impact Statement and has wetlands and the corrrupt Land Use Board has no municipal engineer to approve any plans, the corrupt John Cilo Jr. had the developer change its Borough Engineer approval to read Board Engineer which is an obvious directive from the corrupt Mr. Cilo Jr. who has no contract with Stanhope to defraud the developer and the public with the knowledge and participation of the corrupt Borough of Stanhope Government.

    Stanhope's Government is corrupt.
    Comply with the site plan and the laws.
    The Official Newspaper the New Jersey Herald announces on Aug 1, 2002 that the Borough of Stanhope is corrupt. The newspaper story documents the single wall shown on no site plan exists, the wall violates codes, was a threat to the inhabitants, and a felony, non-compliance with Land Development Codes by by surrounding property owners provided a petition signed by fifteen property notifying the corrupt Mayor McNeilly, former Town Council President our current corrupt Mayor Diana Kuncken, corrupt Town Administrator Teri Massood, corrupt Borough Engineer John Cilo Jr. (who gets paid now without a contract) and corrupt Governing Body of violations and requiring compliance with Land Development laws. Four years later and the criminals haven't stopped their continuous criminal conduct as of Jul 13, 2006.

  • Four Eye witnesses to Stanhope's Borough Engineers John Cilo Jr. lies, unreported violations and wide spread criminal conspiracy.

    Commissioner Levin
    May 6, 2006 Letter to Department of Community Affairs Commissioner Susan Bass Levin complaint regarding Stanhope's corrupt Construction Code Official Thomas Pershouse and a voting member of the Land Use Board who lied to your investigatior. In addition, Mr. Maher was lied to by Stanhope's Borough Engineer John Cilo Jr. and Sussex County Soil Conservation District's manager Winifred Straub as all three willfully and falsely stated a Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plan was not required for the 2 Lot Project.

  • The Home page of one of the State's protectorates the corrupt Department of Community Affairs that ignored over 3,000 pages of evidence until Governor Corzine's staff member Ian Brenner ordered them to investigate Stanhope.

  • The prior Acting DCA Commissioner was Mr. Charles A. Richman

  • The corrupt Department of Codes and Standards: William Connelly, Lou Mraw, Gerald Grayce and John Maher participated in a whitewash and protection of Stanhope's corrupt Construction Code Official Thomas Pershouse who lied to Mr. Maher that the development did Not require a Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plan.

  • The corrupt Department of Local Government Deputy Director Mark Pfiffer and ethics offices's Ms. McNamara ignored feet of evidence against Stanhope's corrupt municipal government and its former Borough Engineer John Cilo Jr. who now gets paid as something the corrupt Mayor, Governing Body invented called the incompetent and corrupt John Cilo Jr. nor his associate the professional planner Scarlett Doyle. Neigher have any contract in 2006 for professional services. Stanhope's pretending Municipal Engineer of Omland Engineering Associates INC. is banned from the Land Use Board who is Eric Keller our so called appointed municipal engineer doesn't have any contract either. )On Jul 27, 2006 Stanhope "awarded" a contract that did not comply with the requirements of the Local Public Contracts Law as there was no amount, and it was done in "secret" without the required public newspaper announcement at the apparent direction of Stanhope's corrupt Borough Attorney Richard A. Stein who commits crimes with total approval of Stanhope's corrupt Mayor and Governing Body.

  • The the Government Record Council's executive director Ms. Catherine Starghill issued a finding that the Borough of Stanhope willfully violated 2 State laws, eighteen times and that letters prepared by the corrupt Town Administrator Teri Massood and corrupt Borough Attorney Richard A. Stein banning me from the Borough of Stanhope were illegal. May 11, 2006 by a State Trooper as I was presenting evidence of the massive corruption in Stanhope's municipal government, Department of Agriculture, Department of Criminal Justice and others. The best thing the GRC did was cancel their June 8, 2006 meeting to improve its procedures and allow Gloria Luzzatto its Operations Manager to resign.

    For our community which as suffered for years at the hands of its corrupt, ceasepool Mayors, Borough Attorney, Town Administrator and others it was a pleasure to read that the GRC in its Aug 2, 2006 letter to me noted the GRC has taken positive action to bring these criminals to justice by forwarding a 481 page document to the Office of Administrative Law. One can only wonder how many years any review shall take.

  • Letter from Land Use Board which requested an investigation by the State of New Jersey which was ignored by SCSCD's corrupt manager Winifred Straub even if I had the signatures of thirty additional property owners as can be confirmed by contacting SCSCD's Cathy Williams.

  • Aug 11, 2002 Request by Stanhope's Environment Commission to the corrupt Mayor and Governing Body of Stanhope to conduct an investigation was as plans were not followed which of course was also ignored by the corrupt SCSCD and James Sadley the executive secretary of the State Soil Conservation Committee.

    An xxplanation of the two criminally false 1/2 project Block 10902 Lot 10 only Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plans certified and never approved by Stanhope and stamped not valid and the ninety exhibits I provided to the Board of Engineers on Feb 3, 2006 which included photos, letters from every property owner, petitions, false reports and much more. It seems the Board of Engineers is protecting its own as it should have immediately suspended the licenses of these obvious criminal PEs.

    Jul 10, 2006 Letter to Hunter Birckhead, PE, HQ, Department of Agriculture's Section Chief for the State Soil Erosion and Sediment Contol Program regarding the two illegal Stanhope developments by E.N.F. Development Co. LLC and my statements that the Director Monique Purcell, State Soil Conservation Committee Executive Secretary James Sadley and his associate Frank Minch and Sussex County Soil Conservation District is corrupt and requested he confirm the violations with the DEP's Commissioner Lisa Jackson's State Soil Conservation Committee representative who was lied to by SCSCD's chairman Mr. Clifford Lundin in SCSCD's continuous criminal conduct and its protection of E.N.F. Development Co. LLC, themselves and Borough of Stanhope's corrupt government.

  • Submit this OPRA request to the corrupt municipality of Stanhope, N.J. to get the evidence of their criminal conduct.

  • Submit this OPRA1 request to the corrupt Sussex County Soil Conservation District to get the evidence of their criminal conduct.

  • Submit this OPRA2 request to the corrupt Sussex County Soil Conservation District to get the evidence of their criminal conduct.

  • Submit this OPRA3 request to the corrupt Sussex County Soil Conservation District to get the evidence of their criminal conduct.

  • Click here for the GRC formal inquiry about SCSCD's lawyer Mr. Smith misconduct.

  • Mrs. Pawar's letter regarding SCSCD lawyer Mr. Brian Smith unprofessional conduct and non-existant legally required documents.

  • Ltr to Sussex County Prosecutor David Weaver - Corrupt SCPO Detective Joseph Costello and others

  • The corrupt Sussex County Prosecutor's Office Detective Costello and ignored evidence.

  • Sussex County Soil Conservation District fire its incompetent professional engineer Mr. Joseph Sedivy and non-compliance with Local Government Contract Law for professional services

    Mr. and Mrs. Pawar's observations of hundreds of unreported violations and misconduct by Stanhope and Department of Agriculture's SCSCD

  • Official Misconduct by State Soil Conservation Committee's Mr. Jim Sadley, SCSCD and false SESCPS

  • Official Misconduct by Sussex County Soil Conservation District's manager Ms. Winifred Straub

  • Inept State Commission of Investigation and evidence ignored by SCI and Office of Govt Integrity

  • State Commission of Investigation's incompetent executive director Mr. Alan Rockoff who doesn't know his mission.

  • Report of Adverse Impacts to the State Soil Conservation Committee's corrupt Mr. Jim Sadley.

  • Professional Engineer Wendell Inhoffer notice of investigation who prepared 2 criminal false SESCPs.

    Some of the CRIMINAL CODES
    2C:30-2.b Official Misconduct He knowingly refrains from performing a duty which is imposed upon him by law or is clearly inherent in the nature of his office.
    2C:33-12.a Maintaining a Nuisance
    By conduct either lawful in itself .. Knowingly creates or maintains a condition which endangers the safety or health of a considerable number of people by exposing owners and visitors of 6 Oak Drive, 3 and 5 Valley Road to rocks and possible full collapse of large amount of heavily surcharged wall 1 wall that had no compressed footing, no toe-in, built with too much earth and not 2 over 1 construction and in violations of Stanhope Municipal Code 100-58C Walls
    2C:28-7.a tampering with public records or information wherein the actor’s purpose is to defraud or injure anyone.
    2C:29-1 Obstructing Administration of Law or Other Government Function By obstruction the detection or investigation of a crime
    2C:28-4.b False reports to Law Enforcement Authorities Fictitious reports
    2C:29-3 a.7 Hindering Apprehension or Prosecution

    Map Filing Law requires Municipal Engineer to approve maps, site plans, soil erosion and sediment control plans. Stanhope does NOT have a municipal engineer officer and all development should be shut down immediately but just keeps on going.The Map Filing Law codes requiring approval by the municipal engineer are 40:55D-47.d and C.46:23-9.9 and when I gave this information to the Commissioner's office of the Department of Community Affairs the person answering my telephone call in the Commissioner's Office accused me of harrassment on Jun 20, 2006.

    The current data available on this internet site is a very limited portion of the many feet of evidence, more then 20 audio tapes, dozens of witnessed dated photographs and seventeen adjacent property owners who observed the site daily. Additional data will be added as time permits. In addition, as I had obtained under OPRA more then twenty audio tapes which will be uploaded into this data base as audio sound files, the actual words of the participants will be provided rather then the "so called minutes" which will really allow the internet user to HEAR what was actually said. In addition, the sound files will be processed through a audio to text file converter so that computer generated transcripts will be included with the actual audio file.

    The internet address was provided to:

    The United States Department of Justice in Washington D. C.'s Civil Rights Division AAG Mr. Wan Kim, our New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine, his chief counsel Stuart Rabner and staff member Ian Brenner, New Jersey's United States Senators Frank Lautenburg and Robert Menendez, U.S. Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen, all New Jersey Legislators including: State Senator Robert Littell, Assemblyman Guy Gregg, Assemblywoman Alison Littell McHose.

    Newspapers: Star Ledger Mr. Chris D'Amico and Mr. Martello, New Jersey Herald's Ms. Andria Levin, Associated Press and others.

    Honorable Assignment Superior Court Judge B. Theodore Bozonelis secretary Michelle Williamson

    Federal EPA's Dan Montella, Federal Newark's U. S. Attorney Office Mr. Christopher Christie, apparently corrupt chief of the U.S. Attorney's Office Special Prosecution's Department Chief Mr. James Nobile and Stan Beet.

    The Department of Community Affairs Commissioner Ms. Susan Bass Levin, and its excellent Department of Community Affairs Commissioner Levin's secretary Sherry Schwager trying to move an immovable object the Department of Community Affairs which received over 3,000 pages of evidence and did nothing until directed by the Governor of New Jersey, Mr. Charles Richman, the apparently corrupt DCA's Codes and Stds Department: Mr. William Connelly, Mr. Lou Mraw, Mr. Gerald Grayce and Mr. Maher, DCA's Government Record Council's incomptent executive director Catherine Starghill and incompetent Ms. Gloria Luzzatto, corrupt Local Government Deputy Director Mr. Marc Pfeiffer and Joe Valenti.

    Corrupt Sussex County Prosecutor's Office (SCPO) First Assistant Prosecutor William Fitzgibbons and corrupt Detective Joseph Costello, (Mr. Fitzgibbons recused the SCPO on Jun 14, 2006).

    New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection's Commissioner Lisa Jackson, Director of Watershed Management Larry Baier, New Jersey's DEP's Scott Brubaker and Mike Nystrom.

    Director of the Department of Consumer Affairs Kimberly Ricketts, Board of Engineers executive director Arthur Russo, Board of Professional Planners James Hsu and DAG Michelle Albertson

    New Jersey's Dept of Agriculture's Hunter Brickhead PE- the Section Ch of Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Program, the Secretary of Agriculture Charles M. Kuperus, his assistant Ms. Tovar, corrupt Director of Agriculture Ms. Monique Purcell, corrupt executive secretary of the State Soil Conservation Committee Jim Sadley and his corrupt associate Frank Minch, corrupt Sussex County Soil Conservation District's Board of Supervisors: Fred Hough, Walter Ricker and Barbara Rusko, corrupt Chairmen and prior Mayor of Hopatcong Clifford Lundin, corrupt Manager Ms. Winifred Straub, SCSCD's lawyer and corrupt District Attorney Brian Smith, and the three field inspectors: Krause, Egbert and Morris, corrupt SCSCD's consulting PE Joseph Sedivy, honest Cathy Williams, helful Department of Agriculture'a OPRA custodian Louis Bruni and Administrative Practices Officer Erin Simone esq.

    Corrupt New Jersey Attorney General Ms. Zulima Farber, corrupt Department of Criminal Justice's Director of the Department of Criminal Justice's Mr. Gregg Paw, corrupt AAG Louise Lester, corrupt Edgar Hess, honest Department of Criminal Justice's Assignment Officer Joseph Trapp, honest Department of Criminal Justice's lawyer Mr. Robert Czepeil and corrupt Det Sgt Miles Capiello.

    Incompetent State Commission of Investigation Mr. Alan Rockoff.

    Corrupt Office of Government Integrity's executive director Tracy Thompson and corrupt DAG Mr. Alan Epstein

    In the Borough of Stanhope dozens of corrupt government employees excluding our new outstanding Municipal Clerk and OPRA custodian Ms. Robin Kline MAS, RMC.

    Our Treasonous Mayor Diana Kuncken, corrupt Stanhope's Town Council Governing Body members: Brian Murphy, Michael Vance, Jack Mohrle, Raymond Wootten, James Benson, Edward Schwartz and henchwoman Town Administrator Terersa Massood, corrupt Borough Attorney and Municipal Prosecutor Richard A. Stein, corrupt Chief of Police Steve Pittenger and SGT Charles Zweigle, corrupt Land Use Board chairman John Maguire, corrupt Land Use Board attorney Roger Thomas of Dolan and Dolan, and corrupt Stanhope and Stillwater Judge Mulhern.

    Corrupt Hopatcong Lt. Mike Siciliano, honest Stanhope court clerk Ms. Lorraine Lupo, and Code Enforcement Official Arlene Fisher. Corrupt Hopatcong Judge and its prosecutor, corrupt municipal engineering firm Omland Engineering Associates's President Stanley T. Omland and Vice President Eric Keller who has no contact as of Jul 25, 2006 and charged the Borough of Stanhope criminally in similar vain to the corrupt Mr. John Cilo Jr. Associates engineering firm, PE John Cilo Jr. a non-consultant and corrupt Scarllet Doyle Stanhope's professional planner who also has no contract.

    Other professional organizations were also notified as help is sort from them by me on various issues, such as: Society of Municipal Engineers, Society of Professional Engineers, Society of Woman Engineers, various Universities and Colleges, all adjacent property owners and many others.

    The following criminals were not provided the web site address: Pittenger & Keith INC 276 US Highway 206 Andover, NJ 07821-3949, PE Wendell Inhoffer, PP Judith Keith, and E.N.F. Development Co. LLC.'s owner Franklin Dawalt Jr. and PE Peter Schneider.