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Compliant to Nevada Attorney General

Thomas Caggiano
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Last update Aug 18, 2015

My Aug 10, 2015 filing with the State of Nevada Attorney General in Las Vegas, NV office was also transmitted to the FBI in North Las Vegas, NV is a published record obtainable by clicking on the following link with added exhibits totally 32 pages with thousands of referenced public court records and other materials: http://thomascaggiano.com/northlasvegas/150817NVAGcomplaint.pdf

This file is an index of records of filings with the corrupt Department of Justice's Public Intgerty and Public Corrution offices Case file DA30037340, corrupt FBI and Aug 10, 2015 filing with the Nevada Attorney General with notificaions to the Office of Gov and Secretary of State of Nevada staff for violations of the State of Nevada Criminal code agaisnt Judges, FBI, IRS,State of Nevada Business and Industry Division, Nevada Real Estate Division, City of North Las Vegas and others that in conspiracy 18 U.S.C. ยง2, fraud adn retaliation protect one another and the power structure noted in mail and email distrubtions and filings in teh corrupt U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit http://thomascaggiano.com/USCOURTS.pdf and http://thomascaggiano.cm/foley.pdf and other accomplices from Coast to Coast as known by the Unites State's Council of Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency CIGIE http://thomascaggiano.com/CIGIE.pdf that reports directly to the President of U.S.A. with the corrupt U.S. Attorney Eric Holder followed by his replacement U.S Attorney Lynch and FBI director See http://thomascaggiano.com/FEDERALCASES.pdf

It includes letters from the FBI that in violation of FOIA after determining after it stated had no records fo complaints and I noted thomascaggiano.com and its directories: nevada,corruption, pdf, corruptjudges and transcritps engaged in fraud and retalation. The complaint filed with the State of Nevada Attorney general and widely distributred by email to over 50 newspapers, federal Senatros, Congressman, and many others as PUBLIC RECORDs.

They are published as opinions by the State of Neveda registered publisher Inside on the Outside author Thomas Caggiano See http://thomascaggiano.com/background.pdf who has exposed government corruption for more then a decade on FreedomNewsDigest.com and ThomasCaggiano.com as known by the Council of Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency (CIGIE) as proven in its 500 plus page response to my FOIA noted on http://thomascaggiano.com/CIGIE.pdf. The corrupt FBI as known by the DOJ Office of Infomation Policy (OIP) and CIGIE even returned my payment check for $35 for 3 CDs of letters and complaints as noted on the 150 page plus sumary report published on http://thomascaggiano.com/idex.pdf and other published on http://thomascaggiano.com/HARDY.pdf, http://thomascaggiano.com/CHRISTIE.pdf and http://thomascaggiano.com/PORTNYNJ.pdf

To obtain a copy of the filing with added recent letters from the corrupt Autumn Ridge at Aliante Community Asscoation including an abstrct from the Ls Vegas Review-Journal article of Aug 17, 2015 by excellent Washington Bureau Chief Steve Tetreault 202-783-1760 and Eric Hartley 702-550-9229, Gov Brian Sandoval complained to the State Purchasing Administrator Greg Smith that minutes not only had many errors and misspellings, inserted and excluded words but COMPLETELY CHANGED the context of the minutes.

Gov Sandoval a prior U.S. District Court judg, himself, stated the minutes are often cited in news reports. reseach and litigation. ACCURACY IS CRITICAL. Thomas Caggaino apprared in front of over 200 persons attending an Aliante Master Association that Autrmn Ridge ACA prepared deceptive adn false minutes.

For a pdf copy of Thomas Caggiano's Attorney General complaint of Aug 10, 2015 recent letters from FirstService Residential confirming my attendance at its Aug 19, 2015 meeting on Aug 12, 2015 and cancelling my attendence wherein items on its agenda would be discussed was cancelled by an email on Aug 17, 2015.

The public records of are obtainable by clicking on the following link: http://thomascaggiano.com/northlasvegas/150817NVAGcomplaint.pdf

In my opinion it is useless to file compalints with the Nevada Real Estate Division against HOAs and Community Managers as the State protects the constructon company, City of North Las Vegas inspection department and Mayor Lee, HOA and Community Manager and the corrupt Red Rock Financial Services collection company used by the corrupt Autumn Ridge ACA to mail false letters to Kathryn Caggiano and Thomas Caggiano that they violated State of Nevada and / or City of North Las Vegas Safety and Health laws having Tort Act Vioaltions of breech of duty, outrage and causing emotional distress including defamation of our character for as admitted after Thomas Caggiano asked to review the convicton or even Proboble Cause Affidavits filed by anyone against them, they retracted their defaming statemtt, and then intiated a court lean upon their property while the safety, health violations, inept inspections, poor construction or none existant plans have been known for over 1 year

This web directory index will be updated as time permits

Nomenclature: ARACA Autum Ridge at Aliate Community Association
Records noted below are available by clicking on designated link which is underlined

ACARA Secreary of State registration No. E1051192005-2 effective Mar 28, 2005 BBBCompliant.pdf Complaint No. 9009342 filed on Mar 27, 2014 Thomas Caggiano v. FirstService Residental Reality for misconduct, preparing willfully deceptive official minutes in a conspraicy and alleged Tort Act Violations of: Breach of Duty, Outrage and causing emotional distress with with the Autumn Ridge at Aliante Community Associaton to obstruct administration of law and information Assocition Board members regrading meeting of Jan 22, 2014 and preventing adverse impacts from the community to be documented in the open session minutes holding meetings concerning serious defects impacting all home owners and not seeking professional engineering srevices to assist in review of site and drainage plans. The documetns regarding this issue include numerous emails and those emails and distribution list are attached to the herein published BBB filed Complaint. A complaint shall be filed with the Nevada Real Estate Division and the City of North Las Vegas has been notified.

The documents includes related emails from Thomas Caggaino to Nevada Real Estate Divison, City of North Las City Clerk and numerous parties.

http://thomascaggiano.com/northlasvegas140122ARACAminutes.pdf Willfully deceptive approved minutes of Jan 22,2014 minutes approved Mar 26, 2014 by ARACA prepard by FisrtService Residential.


There was one homeowner present. Homeowner offered to assist the Board; however, his offer of assistance was not clear and did not pertain to items that the Board is currently addressing.

That statement is totally false and does NOT gvie any idea to my amny complaints amde in the ooen sesson nor their resonses to my questions.

My brackground was covered and its published on http://thomascaggiano.com/background.pdf as the topics discussed were contracts, termination of contracts, poor attorney support, safety, common drip line system failures wasting water, scope of work, construction deficienes including drainage, soil type annd adverse impacts in drange areas, an other matters. My thrity years of service to the County in numerous fileds was mae known to the Board and the corrupt FirstService Residental's Joyce Winward and the City of Las Vegas, et. al. I will publish the actual audio recording of the Open Sesseion obtain only after repeated requests. The FirstService also has extensive logs of my many teelphone complaiints and have refused repeated requests for them as has the ARACA refused to provide me copies to my own 2 inch of drawings, details of reason for faiures and complaints I filed.

140324recordofmeeting.pdf Record of meetings with City of North Las Vegas departments on Mar 24, 2014 and discussion of prior meetings with the Autum Ridge Community Assocaiton and other parties.

http://thomascaggiano.com/northlasvegas/NRS116.01.pdf Nevada Article I General Provisions and Article II Creation, Alteration and Termination of Common-Interest Communities

Maps and Drainage Plans obtained via Document Archives Request Summry. Outstanding support was provided by City staff on my visits starting Mar 24, 2014 and the CD ws ready for pick-up in the morning on Mar 25, 2014. Cost $13.00

NVE Parcels 31A 31B 31C Civil Plans.PDF

NVE Parcels 31A 31B 31C Drainage Addendum 1.PDF

NVE Parcels 31A 31B 31C Drainage Maps.PDF

NVE Parcels 31A 31B 31C Drainage Initial.PDF

http://thomascaggiano.com/northlasvegas/requestforagendas.pdf Request form for City of North Las Vegas agendas.

Outside factors adversely Nevadans and We the People as we must constantly remind our Government officials they are our public servants NOT our masters and per the Constitution they are to insure our safety and protect ourprivate property.

Please take note of issues from coast to coast adversely impacting all Nevadans: Inital issues: The Autumn Rdidge Associaition engages in improper conduct adversely impaaing our safety adn private property and common areas, appears to NOT inform the City of North Las Vegas of safety and other issues impacting property owners and the Codes need improvement as unsafe conditions are allowed as apparently plans do not have adequate degree of specification or improper interpretations for profit.

ased upon the above, a civil suite appears the best way to obtain via disclosure details, change policy via court Case Law decisions make court orders directing changes to laws, standards, and administraive codes adn Standing Operating Prosedure in regulations as the concerns themselves were noted by numerous members of the Aliantie Associaton, members of the excellent staff who observed similar issues and recommend parts of use NJ State law as suggested improvements when the NJ State law provides improved safety in its local municipal codes which are more stringent then the State of NJ's Codes.

I note many of NJ laws are self conflicting being generated by different commitees with lobbists giving the legisalture paragraphs they desire to implement in teh law to benefit their sponsor and donor for that's what thye are being paid billions. New Jersey and the US Government have with corrupt enforcement agencies in many corrupt Departments with corrupt Cabinet lelvel offcials and have total corruption at State, County and Municipal levels as its Executive branch headed by the hubristic Gov Chris Christie, a series of corrupt NJ Attorney Generals an its courts with US District courts cosst to coast are corrupt as shown in the sumamry report of over 120 pages on http://thomascaggiano.com/index.pdf as hundreds of officials whic includes dozens of Jduges and over 100 attorneys in many law firs law firms, engineering firms have been conspiring for more then a decade as fraud, tampered with approved drawings, deceptive minutes, tamperd with court orders by the Judges themselves violation of laws and prosecutors are routine as Codes of Ethiss are only on appear as In the NJ and the State of Nevada District and US District Courts deceptive official minutes, corrupt Superior and Minicpal courts are ubiquitious with unconsitutional court orders, corrupt State Police and its jails, corrupt State Police Official Corruption Bureau with a corrupt U.S. Department of Justice Criminal Division, DOJ Public Integrity Section and Public Corruption Unit as money laundering, bribery are constant in NJ with a corrupt NJ Supreme Court and review Supreme Court Review departments for judges (ACJC) and attorneys (OAE and DRB) and corrupt Administrator of its Courts Glenn Grant, J.A.D. http://thomascaggiano.com/acjcglenngrant.pdf as known across the county http://thomascaggiano.com/vaz.pdf protected by the U.S. District Court District of Nevada in Las Vegas, Nevada and the Office of Circuit Executive for the 9th Circuit http://thomascaggiano.com/foley.pdf and http://thomascaggiano.com/corruption/exhibits.pdf and the State of NV Attorney General's letter to Thomas Caggiano http://thomascaggiano.com/NVattorneygeneral.pdf for federal crimes that have life or death senteces but continues.

U.S. Attorney Eric Holder, the FBI Las Vegas, Senator Harry Reid (D - NV) and Congressman Horsford (D) U.S. Representative for the 4th District of Nevada give aide as opposed to both Senator Heller (R - NV) and Congreswoman Berkley (D) requested investigations and Reviews as did former Senator Lautrenberg ( D - NJ) and Congressman Rodney Frelinghausen ( R - U.S. Representative for New Jersey's 11th Congressional District) as under President Obama Eric Holder runs a corrupt Department of Justice, corrupt US Treasury and HHS Departments. Note prior State ofnevada Congresswoman Berkley also requested a review by the corrupt Department of Justice's Office of Inspector General and was deceived in a continuing cover-up to protect ex-New Jersey Gov Jon Corzine (D) the fomer CEO of Goldman Sacks that developed the mortggage and other derivatives used to create the trillion dollar home mortage crisis and deep recession in the Nation with loss of millions of jobs and a trillion dollars, and Wall Strret multi-millioaier and money Bundler for Democrats and the totally corrupt former U.S. Attorney District OF New Jersey, the Chairman of the Republican Governor's Associoation and Wall Street funded darling the corrupt Gov Christie Christie now under investigation by the Select Committee on Investigation in NJ for the GW Bridge retribution, abuse of power and concealment of abuse. Chris Christie even more corrupt then President Obama who changes the Obamacare tax law at his sole dictator directives choosing with the Support of the corrupt Senate majority leader and State of Nevada Harry Reid who allowed no compromise to allow Nevada's great National Parks to be opened such as Lake Mead, Red Rock Canyon and Grand Canyon forcing people out of their own homes located on these National Park Lake Mead lands and ignored 40 attemtps by the House of Representatives to change parts of Obamacare NOT even called that by the Democrats anymore as they hide from the disaster by having tyrannt Obama essentailly revoke parts of the U.S. Supreme Court approved tax law by NOT having the tax imposed until after the next residental election pushing back the date 3 years for tax colection to fund the 16,000 new IRS tax collectors he hired. Obama repealed his own law so while assing the by his constant lies with Congresswoman Pelosi lyiung through her teeth and saying you will know waht the Affordable Case Act ia AFTER we pass the bill she never read. Aslo I am sure Senator Reid never read the 11,000 pages of regulations that keep coming as how can any bisness poerate or ppla when Obama keeps changing the tax law and how can software companies adn CPA asdvise you as the Obamacare law changes in the wind. Health care provides don't loose any money the tax payers do like the bank bail outs while 5,000 doctors in Nevada alone were fired from the health plans so YOU can't get the plan you want nor the doctor you had.

See http://thomascaggiano.com/corruption

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