Tyranny of Government is Exposed - Updated Mar 21, 2012
Published under Freedom of Press and Speech and NJ Constitutional Civil Rights denied me
Under initial development by Thomas Caggiano

NJ corrupt Judicary and executive Office of Administrative Law (OAL) Judges
More then a dozen to be added
and State and Municipal Prosecutors are pandemic
as the NJ Gov Chris Christie's Administration is even more corrupt
then ex- Gov Jon Corzine's Administration
with a series of corrupt NJ Attorney Generals

Click on the link to review or download my letter to FBI HQ written at the direction of the Department of Justice's OIG Inspector General

By Thomas Caggiano a victim of judicial fraud, criminal cosnpiracy, complicity, false imprisonment, corrupt court processes, perjury by State and Municipal officials and unconstitional court orders violating 18 USC Sections 2, 4, 241, 242 and 1346 and N.J.S.A. 2C:30-6(a) with bodily harm, Open Public Meeting Act (OPMA) and Open Public Record Act (OPRA) with terrorism, criminal coercion and constant retribution against a federal informant to avoid detection of apprehenson of bribery and other criminal acts in NJ, IL, AZ, NY, PA,CA and Washington D.C. informant with filings in the Federal District Ourt of E,District PA 09-mc-03, -09 and -71.

Note Town Administrators, Municipal Clerks, Municipal Court Administrators and Thomas Caggiano have filed complaints to the corrupt FBI, U.S.P.S. and NJ Attorney General, Comptroller and State Police's Official Corruption Bureau for years as requests include federal senator, members of Congress in NJ and Nv, State Senators, Members of General Assembly and more then two dozen other persons but the corruption is protected and pandemic from Trenton, Newark, Morristown, Netcong, and more then a dozens minicipalities in Sussex County such as Newton, Green, Stillwater, Wantage and Frankford Township, Hopatcong, et. al.

New Jersey's Index of corrupt Judges and Prosecutors
More then a dozen judges to be added to this initial listing with Docket Numbers to be added State of NJ vs Thomas Caggiano, et. al.

N.J. LocationsVicinageCourt LevelNameEvidence and Web Link

MorristownMorris and
Sussex County
SuperiorThomas L. Weisenbeck, A.J.S.C.http://thomascaggiano.com/acjcweisenbeck.pdf

MorristownMorris and
Sussex County
Civil Part
David Rand, J.S.C.
Judicial fraud
Boro of Stanhope
and Frankford Twp
vs. Thomas Caggiano
and GRC

NewtonSussex CountySuperiorN. Peter Confort,J.S.C.
Criminal and Law
IND 08-09-316-I
Falsely Dismissed

Municipal Appeals 13-04-09/19-05-09
Judicial Conspiracy

Judicial Conspiracy


Green and Wantage
Joint Municipal Courts
SussexMunicipalCraig U. Dana, J.M.C. http://thomascaggiano.com/110916acjcdana.pdf

LocationsVicinageCourt LevelNameEvidence and Web Link
LocationVicinageCourt LevelJudge's NameEvidence and Web Link

Verified Certified Affidavit with adopted exhibits which allows this record to be used in courts or administrative hearings as evidence presented herein is based upon my personal knowledge, court records and other Government records.

I certify the foregoing statements made by me ( Tnomas Caggiano ) are true. I am aware that if any of the foregoing statements made by me are willfully false that I am subject to punishment. Signed Thomas Caggiano

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