Last update Nov 16, 2013 Corruption in Government exposed

Read my 20 page Nov 16, 2016 report of massive corrutpion within the US Government and other States mailed to the FBI, Las Vegas, Nv that has known about the corruption for many years as several retalated property owners in the infested Borough of Stanhope reproted the cirruption to the Office of Attorney General for state of New Jersey and for writng the letter signed by Thomas Caggiano, Kathryn Caggiano and mary Pawar they ahve all been retalaited agaisnt for over 10 years.

includding a report to the corrupt Office of Inspector General for the State of New Jersey now under the corrupt Comptroller for the State of New Jersey Matt Boxer, Esq. who has known about the fraud, tax fraud, criminal disbursemetn of federal, state, county and municpal funds,moeny laudenering, State Sponsored retaliaton, criminal disbursements and racketeering since his first day in office on on State of New Jersey Morris County Superior Court Judge Stephan C. Hansbury, P.J. General Equity 973-656-4039 reassigns Docket SSX-L-1-64-13 to Docket SSX-C-431-13 corrupt Sussex County Board of Chosen Freeholders, Sussex County Sheriff, Sussex County Counsel and Sussex County Board of Chosen Freeholders Clerk and separates from the previously combined Docket SSX-C-1-13 filed by the corrupt Township of Green. Read my letter to the Morris County Superior Court's Stephan C. Hansbury, P.J. General Equity and the two corrupt law firms Kelly and Ward LLC and Mc Connell Lenard & Campbell LLC representing the above felons on describing the raqmpant corruption in New Jersey courts and muncipal governments as the evidence of massive conspraicy, fraud, criminal abuse ofcourt processes to prevent detction and apprehension fo their own corruption as violations of Federal laws and State laws adn municpal codes and court rules are continuoius for more then a decade.

A copy of the fax sent to Judge Hansbury on the corruption also sent the corrupt State of NJ Acting Attorney General John Jay Hoffman, Esq, FBI Las Vegas, NV and DOJ Public Corruption Unit CASE file DA30037340, for the U.S. District Court District of Nevada Docket 2:12-cv-01484-GMN-GWF Thomas Caggiano v. Eric Holder court file that was dimissed by fraud by U.S. Court's 9th Distirct Circuit U.S. Magistrate George Foley located in as Vegas, Nv - Read

The malicious civil cases filed by five plaintiffs and which were previously consolidated under Docket SSX-C-1-13 by the corrupt State of New Jersey Morris County an Sussex county Assignment Judge Thomas Weisenbeck, A.J.S.C. after court records on Docket SSX-L-164-13 filed by the corrupt Sussex County Board of Chosen Freeholders, the corrupt Sussex County council Dennis Mc Connell,Esq., the corrupt Board Clerk E. Morgan and the corrupt Sussex County Sheriff M. Strada whose jail has been referred to the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Special Litigation Section per Title 42, U.S.C. Section 1997 - see letter from State of Nevada Attorney General for the Federal Govt to file on behalf of the inmates that suffer cruel and unusual punishment as I was denied prescribed drugs and taken to the corrupt Newton Memorial Hospital, handcuffed to the emergency room bed with two police guards,required IVs and drug theraphy for many weeks after I had in the corrupt Township of Green's Judge Craig U. Dana, J.M.C. kangaroo municipal court was smashed from my back down defense table as I was handcuffed behind my back and witnesses other then my wife Kathryn Caggiano who Judge Dana also threatened causing great emotional distress criminal coericed other previously threatened informants such as Mary Pawar, 12 East Drive, Stanhope, N.J. 07874 were not allowed in my defense even though they came to the court room.

The Sussex County Jail cell I was caged in for per the Jail's procedure inmates could NOT be given their asthma rescue inhalers and I was also denied other prescribed drugs for over 2.5 months of my illegal false imprisonment for 85 days of Jduge Dana's changing illegal resentencing me that violated court rules repeatedly as deteremine in court finding in my munipcla apepals before the corrupt Sussex County Superior Court adn the corrupt Sussex County Prosecturo and the attoreny I was not even allowed to fire for he, Robert Mattia, Esq. Newton ,NJ refused to read court roders, transcripts and has refused to giveme in many years coopies of my own attoreny client records nor can I get them from unicoal courts or municpal prsoecutor records in many corrupt municipaliteis such as Mt. Olive, Stanhope, Hopatcong, Stilwlater and mroe. So much fior due process it does NOT exist for retalaited inforamnts. at the hands of the corrupt Joint Municipal Court of the Townships of Green, Fredon, Hampton and Borough of Andover as its alleged municipal prosecutor William Hinkes, Esq. and the municipalities defrauded all defendants with the four as their member Joint Court Committee, Mayors and other governing members violated their own agreed upon resolution in that I was convicted on more then a dozen malicous petty disorder charges by that corrupt municipal court that had NO jurisdicton to even try Borough of Stanhope cases as they were NEVER transferred from the corrupt Borough of Stanhope's jurisdiction by any Assignment Judge as requried by court rules which do NOT apply in NJ court's nor constitutions as Judge Dana and William Hinkes, Esq. agreed with the illegal sentences. The corrupt municipal judge in Stanhope was John Mulhern, J.M.C. and his corrupt municpal prosecutor Laddey, Clark and Ryan LLC Ricahrd Stein and his corrupt municipal prosecutor in Hampton and Stillwater was Laddey, Clark and Ryan's Andrew Fraizer. The corrupt municipal prsoectuor in Wanatage is from Dolan and Dolan PA, Newton, NJ the same corrupt law firm for the Ssusex County Soil Conservatiion District and the Borough of Stanhope's Land Use Board as all were prote cted b yteh corrupt Morris/Sussex County Supreem court's OAE District Ethcis Committee, the OAE, DRB and Chief Justice Staurt Rabner, Administrator of the Courts Glenn Grant, J.A.D. and legislative branch Senators, Speaker of the Assembly Shirely Oliver, and the King of Hubris Gov Chris Christie.

who put me in jail in the corrupt then municipal court of Stillwater and Hampton which has refused for over a year to provide access to my own court recors in Jduge Dana's corrupt municpal ciurt of Wanatage, Stillwater and Borough of Sussex. The alleged municipal prosecutor William Hinkes, Esq. was prior law partner the corrupt David Waver, Esq., the corrupt Sussex County prosecutor since the day of his appointment with his infested and corrupt prosecutors' office paid for with Sussex County Board of Chosen Freeholders' controlled tax payer funds by the corrupt Sussex County Board of Chosen Freeholders. The many corrupt municipal judges are appointedan paid by their own municipality. The Towsnhip of Green has the same corrupt attorney as municipal prosecutor and borough attoreny like many other corrupt municpalites and boruoughs triving under the corrupt Republican dominated Sussex and Morris counties but the controlled infamous "HUDSON RIVER DEMOCRATS" controlled Essex County is even far worse.


The criminal acts have constantly violated in a repeated pattern in the structured enterprises violated of court rules and federal and separate State of NJ criminal Title 2C codes and Codes of Ethics in agreed upon criminal conduct with court orders denying all my civil rights called racketeering.

The new case identifiers are SSX-C-431-13 in place of SSX-L-164-13 which Judge Edward Gannon, J.S.C. already made a finding that NO harm was caused and that my letters were infact grievances to the corrupt Borough of Stanhope to comply with laws but in NJ protected by the U.S.District Court in the District of Nevada and teh U.s. Attorney for U.S.A. and a series of NJ Attorney Geenrals' the corrupt Gov Christie is pandered to by Tv shows adn comedy shows for his act and great hubris.

Print-out is available here download

Based upon my personal knowledge the following appears to represent the tyranny in the U.S.A. and various States using the notorious State of New Jersey as an the primary example in a work breakdown structure analysis of the corrupt federal, state, county adn municipal governments and their structures of corruption aided by the State of NJ's own constitution requiring appointed jugges by corrupt policitians so the pulbic can not vote of the corrupt adn ineffective judges and the Essex County political machine controls NJ's federal seantors, its corrupt Judicary branch adn with tis corrup Gov Chrsite and his corrupt LT Gov and Sec of State divide up the 1,000 municipalities, boroughs, and boards among themselves as the towns have the same attoreny as borough attorney adn munucl prosecutor or a group of corrupt lw frims working together in harmony and tyranny with the municipal govt known by the corrupt Gov of NJ be it either democrat Jon Corzine who was thrown out of being CEO of Goldman Sacks, developed the risky derviative market which helppd cause the collapse of the housing market as Wall Street firms pay Billions in fines but NOT one person sent to ajil for harming millions of people and casuing finacial choas that contues as the FEB buyss $80 Billion of U.S. Treasury bills every moth with nothing as the dooalr has even fallen against the Euor for two years as Congress and Presdeitn obama are non-functional without a budgt for years.

We tire of seeing Oabma's cabinet officials take the blame for his incimpetence and dictator style by unconstitutionally changing parts of Obamacare he does NOT like which he lied abiout to get it passed b yteh Demcorats only.

or Reobucian Chris Christe as its a fraud done of equal shared corruption. One protects the other and the tax payers are their pawns and source of funds for the criminal empire constructed .

The corruption in government within the United States is exposed by a 12 year long Case Study of the corrupt US Department of Justice, its US Attorney Eric Holder, U.S. Solicitor General, Public Integrity Section, Public Corruption Unit, CIGIE, FBI, USPS inspection service, U.S. Treasury, Office of Inspector General of numerous federal agencies, Congress and Gov of New Jersey under the corrupt Jon Corzine administration and the even more corrupt Chris Christie administration.

New Jersey courts are corrupt from its Chief Justice Stuart Rabner, its Administrator of Courts (OAC) the corrupt Glenn Grant, J.A.D., its Office of Attorney Ethics (OAE), Supreme Court District Ethics Committees, its Advisory Committee on Judical Conduct (ACJC) as NJ's corrupt judges at all levels are protected by its Speaker of the Assembly who is the administrator of Essex County Shirley Oliver, its NJ Senate Judiciary Committee, and Public Safety and Law Oversight Committee as over 25 judges, 100 attorneys and over 150 other corrupt officials including mayors, governing body members, town administrators, CFO, municipal treasurers, law firms and NJ's State cabinet officials, sheriffs, Chief fo Police, municipal treasurers, NJ comptroller and its inspector general Matt Boxer, Esq. and its infested Department of Law and Public Safety's Division of Law, State Police investigative service, Official Corruption Bureau, Division of Consumer Affairs, Department of Mental Health Services Jenn Velez, Commissioner of Labor Hal Wirths, its corrupt Government Record Council (GRC), Codes and Standards department which protects corrupt construction code officials and municipalities, Local Government Services Department, Local Finance Board engaged in fraud, give aide to others in poreventign detection and apprehension, as its court were criminally used to issue unconstitutional court orders in a wide ranging conspiracy to protect structured organizations engage in a repeated pattern of agreed criminal conduct called racketeering with bribery, money laudnering, amil fraud, hrassemnt, perjury, deceptive minutes, altered government tampered with government records that were tampered with an submitted to review agencies including court orders filled with federal, state, county and municipal organizations and the press taht itself write deceptive stories to comply with the editor and publisher demands like the political channels MSNBC the democrats and FOX - the Republicans.

The last six attorney generals of New Jersey lead the corruption.

Read the following documents some exceeding 40 pages with referenced court videos, tampered with filed drawings, filed false verified certified affidavits and more

The nomenclature for the link is Letter from State of NV Attorney General with comments that the crimes against my civil rights rise to life or death sentences and duites of the DOJ Civil Rights Division to file federal civil suites against agenices, jails, etc.

The DOJ Civil Division Special Litigation Section was provided great details of the corruption of State of NJ menatal facilites, the Ssusex County Jail in Newton, NJ 07860 and other corrupt towns an d agencis that fall under the DOJ jurisdiction. Read my comment posted on Senator Hatch's comment page about the corrupt Gov Chris Christie for Seantor Orin Hatch must think Christie walks on water but in fact with the Democratic machine in the infested Essex County on the Hudson River is where Chris Christie worked as the corrupt U.S. Attorney in Newark, NJ where as the corrupt Gov of NJ the Department op Law and Public Safety's Department of Consumer Affaris' is located as well as his independent corrupt Office of Administrative Law with its corrupt director Laura Sanders, Esq. and the prior home of the corrupt Mayor of Newark Cory Booker now Federal Senator with the corrupt Speaker of New Jersey Assembly Shirley Oliver the Essex County Adminsitrator and with tis corrupt NJ FBI offices. As Eric Holder protected ex-Gov jonCorzine and so has the latest corrutp Gov of New Jersey. NewJersey is proud of uits corrutpion for it includes the ttoally corrupt Repubklcian domianted Morristownwhere the corrupt Lt Gov for Christie was sherif and has thecorrupt Vicange Sueprior Courts with the infested juducary."> My posting on NV Congressman Horsford's web site as he is on the House Oversight Committee that Eric Holder Jr was issued subpeano against but the reason he wrote me for NOT bringing the corruption of Eric Holder and his corrupt Deaprtmetn of Justice is to me obvious Eric Holder, Senator Harry Reid and Congressman Horsford are Democrats protecting the corrupt Obama administration and Obama's SAndy superstorm BeachBoy the corrupt Gov Chris Christie who abolished the Public Advocate that protected New Jersey beach home communities from destruction by developers interested in building condos adn other high rise buildings along the ocan front. committee his own knowldge now fo the corrupt Eric Holder as of course Senator Harry Reid has known about Eric Holder's corruption for at least 4 years. You can thank Senator Reid for NOT bringing up the 40 times the House of Representatives voted to change Obamacare or ekkp the National parks open which the President Obama said the cancellation of millions of US Citizens individually obtained health plans whicih also covers their families and workers in amny cases are only a small number of people.

Some apology Obama now blames the insurance companies for cancelation plans that do NOT comply with the 10,500 pages of regulations in Obamacare.

The lair President Obama:

If you like your health plan, you can keep it. (Period)
If you like your Doctor you can keep him. (Period) OOPS on Nov 14, 2013 Obama came up with a new story, the reason millions of insurance policies are being cancelled is because of the insurance companies and NOT Obamacare which mandates additional coverage the persons does NOT want.. - A 97 page response from the corrupt Department of Community Affairs Local Government Services Division that proves widespread corruption in many municipalities protected by the FBI, the Supreme court of NJ and Governors of NJ and the series of corrupt State of NJ attorney Generals from Peter Harvey under eX-Gov Mc Greevy, ex-Gov Jon Corzine and the totally corrupt Chris Christe Administration A letter to the FBI and Federal Senators and Congressman providing evidence that they have known about the corruption in NJ as documented in a 106 page report itself with thosaudns of court records as evidence but as shown by the re-election of Gov Christie it pays to be an arrogant corrupt politician filled with hubris like Christie as the TV and newspapers make you a hero to be presidental dream team as stated by Senator Orin Hatch A note to the corrupt State of New Jersey Police The State of New Jersey Comptroller Matt Boxer, Esq. has been corrupt since his first day in office.

NV Attorney General stating crimes may rise to life or death sentences Illustrates how utterly corrupt The State of NewJersey appointed Jduges are at all levels. Documents my fourth meeting with IRS officals but their investigator is really the corrupt FBI that does NOT contact retaliated infor mnts and destroys records in Newark, NJ The corrupt Joint municipal court of Wantage, Stillwater and Boro of Sussex with its corrupt Magistrate Craig U. Dana, J.M.C. and its corrupt municipal prosecutor from Dolan and Dolan PA, Newton, NJ 07860 with its outstanding municpal court administrator Tania Ell confronted by corrupt State and municipal prosecutors also in her prior duty as deputy court administrator in the corrupt Newton municipal court with is corrupt magistrateJohn Mulhern, J.M.C. that jduge in teh corrupt municpal coruts of Stanhope, Stillwater, Hampton and Newton, New Jersey the center county sat with tis corrupt Board of Chosen Freeholders all corrupt Republicans Richard A. Vohden, Phillip R. Crabb, George F. Graham a former corrupt member of the Borough of Stanhope's governing body, Dennis J. Mudrick, and Gail Phoebus, as these corrupt Board of Chosen Freeholders members also serve on Members of the Freeholder Board also serve on the Boards of School Estimate for the Sussex County Technical School and the Sussex County Community College. The corrupt is Sheriff Michael F. Strada,39 High Street, Newton, NJ 07860, Phone: 973-579-0850, Fax: 973-579-7884. The corrupt Sussex County Counsel Denis Mc Connell law firm of McConnell Lenard & Campbell is located at 4 Waterloo Road, P. O. Box 111, Stanhope, NJ 07874, Phone: (973) 347-6300, Fax: (973) 347-9564 which along with the corrupt Township of Green who are all suing me to prevent any access to any government record by the Open Public Record Act or Common Law right of Access as such rights do NOT exist in New Jersey even my own court records under Docket SSX-C-1-13 and Docket SSX-L-164-13 before the corrupt Assignment Judge Thomas Weisenbeck, A.J.S.C. as you can watch the corrupt Judge and watch two corrupt attorneys Kevin Kelly ( Kelly and Ward LLC) and Richard Campbell of Dennis R. Mc Connell, Dennis J. Lenard and Richard B. Campbell, 4 Waterloo Road, P. O. Box 111, Stanhope, NJ 07874, Phone: (973) 347-6300 nd Fax: (973) 347-9564 in his court room on April 4, 2013 Assignment Judge: Thomas L. Weisenbeck (973) 656-3929, Morris County Courthouse Washington & Court Streets Morristown, NJ 07960-0910 and watch the former corrupt Assignment Judge B. Theordore Bozonelis, A.J.S.C. and the corrupt Laddey, Clark and Ryan LLC Corporate attorney and Borough of Stanhope attorney Richard A. Stein, 60 Blue Heron Rd, Sparta Township, NJ 07871 (973) 729-1880, lie through his teeth to the corrupt Assignment Judge B. Theordore Bozonelis, A.J.S.C. stating falsely I submitted 800 Open Public Record Act (OPRA) requests in two years all on zoning.

The pandemically corrupt Morris County Superior Court's including its other Vicinage judges Judges Thomas Manahan, P.J.S.C., David Rand, P.J.Cv, N. Peter Conforti, J.S.C., Edward Gannon, J.S.C, Philip Meanza, J.S.C., Frank Zinna, P.J.M.C., John Mulhern, J.M.C., James Devine, J.M.C., et. al., trial court administrators Trial Court Administrator: Rashad Shabaka-Burns (973) 656-3999 Assistant Trial Court Administrator: Thomas R. Jindracek (973) 579-0738, Vicinage probation officials as the court video is published on and listen to the corrupt Chris Christie's Commissioner of Labor Hal Wirths as the then chairman of the corrupt Board of Chosen freeholders when I gave them a 10 minute discussion of my background and the total racketeering going on in Sussex County and its Borough of Stanhope with the audio recording of Nov 5, 2008 published on An email to dozens of persons decribign tax fraud, bribery, et. al. my letter to the corrupt Department of Community Affairs Government Record Council's corrupt Senior Case manager Frank F. Caruso who responded to my detailed letter describing the massive conspiracy adied by the corrupt GRC for 10 years. corruption of over 100 persons wrote me in response to my reqeust for "an electronic cooy of the 9 minutes of the Open Public Meeting ( as a State trooper was brought in to arrest me as I reported the corruption. ) of the GRC of May 30, 2007 stated eventually NO company nor State agencies coudl amke a copy of the audio cassette of tha public meeting nor could they play the cassette adn re-record it in any manner. You can't tell from the officail minutes published on of course any thing that was said by anyone duing the Open Public Meeting in its comprehesenive minutes published on their own web site nor can you even tell the otcome of GRC 2006-02 Thomas Caggaino v who? A decsion by Who In the office of Administrative Law? What docket number was assgined by the Office of Administrative Law adn on how many denial of access were submitted to the corrupt Office of Administrative Law lead by Laura Sanders,Esq. with a series of corrupt ALJs protected by the State of New Jersey's Supreme Court's Essex County District Ethcis Committee as NO doclet numbers were ever assigned adn then buried by the corrupt Statewide Supreme court's Office of Attorney Ethiss (OAE) Statewide Corroduantor William Ziff,Esq., the Discilianry Review Board known by the State of New Jersey Senate Judicary Commitee members and many others. The corrupt Chief Justice of NJ Surpreme Court and former corrupt State of New Jersey former New Jersey Attorney General under Gov Jon Corzine and made Chief Justice by both the corrupt U.S. Attorney- NJ Chris Christie and Gov Corzine. Evidence in teh office of Gov Data baseon the retalaition of emplyees that as Rabner had worked for both of these felons as their counseler for in NJ Nihilsim is Supreme reproted the criminal conduct to the FBI and the State Police and others is published on and was provided the corrupt U.S. Attorney in Chicago, Il at the direction of the Sr. Special agent Scott Meyers in the Office of Inspector Geenral for DOJ as the federal officials in NJ were so utterly corrupt.

. My letter to the corrupt GRC published Feb 21, 2011 on shows how utterly corrupt the federal, state, county and municpal governmetns are.

Read the following finding issued by the corrupt Government Record Council for Thomas Caggiano v. Borough of Stanhope GRC 2006-02 then OAL Docket GRC 07725-2007N before the corrupt J. Howard Solomon, A.L.J. and determine the following: What was the decision? What was the name of the municipality? How many people were referred by the GRC? Was there an interim order issued by the GRC? Were the Statemetns of Inforamtion and response to the GRC ever made by the Borough of Stanhope? What decisions did the GRC make and how many? When was the complaint filed? I suggest you read my annoted GRC transcript record so you can understand how utterly corrupt the Cabinet offcials that are voting members on the GRC a and its corrupt chairwoman and many attorneys by reading" a Detailed descrition of Codes and law vioalded adn expsoure of corruption methods an index of complaints to the corrupt ACJC about Judges a 100 plus page report filed in US District courts and NJ courts

VERIFIED CERTIFIED AFFIDAVIT with adopted referenced exhibits including 20,000 pages of court records and dozens of witnesses:

I certify the foregoing statements made by me are true. I am aware that if any of the foregoing statements made by me are willfully false that I am subject to punishment. I certify the foregoing statements and the adopted referenced exhibits are true and if willfully false that I am subject to the crime of perjury. Based upon Federal and State Rules of Evidence these exhibits may be used in courts and administrative hearings as evidence. signed Thomas Caggiano